Faster Microsoft Support for Less

  • 30%-50% Cheaper than Microsoft Unified/Microsoft Premier Support
  • 2x Faster Average Time to Resolution (and Financially-backed SLAs)
  • All-American Team of Microsoft-Certified Engineers and Architects
  • 24/7 Global Customer and Engineering Support
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Why Replace Microsoft with US Cloud?

Use savings to innovate, drive growth and create competitive advantage.
Enjoy 15 minute response time SLA and faster TTR reducing costly downtime.
15 years average staff experience screened for security and compliance.
Expert 24/7 global support for fast resolution and Microsoft escalation SLA.
Avoid Microsoft-dictated upgrades and migrations just to stay fully supported.
Verified WBE supply chain diversity for Government and Fortune 500 enterprise.

We've replaced Unified Support for 6+ Million Microsoft users

LIVE: US Cloud performance metrics for Microsoft Enterprise Support (last 30-day avg.)

US Cloud: The Global Leader in Third-Party Microsoft Enterprise Support

Save 30-50% on a complete replacement for Microsoft Premier & Unified Support.
US Cloud is the #1 Microsoft® support alternative. We support global Microsoft enterprises to fuel growth. Enjoy faster support, replace MS Unified to save 50%.
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Microsoft Enterprise Support Options

Compare US Cloud’s 24/7 global Microsoft Support for enterprises to MS and other alternatives. See for yourself why enterprises worldwide are replacing Microsoft Premier & Unified Support services with US Cloud.
Most Economical
Quickest Response Times
Fastest Resolution Times
Quality of Engineers
Domestic Staff
Breadth of Support
Lowest Priced
Highest Priced
Midlevel Priced
15 Min Response SLA
60 Min Response - NO SLA
90 Min Response - NO SLA
Lowest Ticket TTR
Midlevel Ticket TTR
Highest Ticket TTR
Global 24/7 L2-4 Engineers
Global 24/7 L2-4 Engineers
12/5 L1-2 Engineers
100% USA - Secure, Compliant
Onshore / Offshore
Onshore / Offshore
Support All Microsoft Products
Support All Microsoft Products
Cloud Only

US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Support

Proven Results Last 12 Months
US Cloud is replacing Microsoft Premier & MS Unified support to drive substantial savings for clients worldwide.
$ 937 M
In Client Savings
$937 Million in US Cloud client savings over 5 years for Microsoft Support Services
Major Brands Served
73 Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprise clients served by US Cloud Premier Support
6.4 M
User Supported
6.4 Million users supported in healthcare, financial, insurance, tech, gov, and edu
42 countries with enterprises supported 24/7/365 by US Cloud Fanatical Microsoft Support


Who is US Cloud?

US Cloud is the only Gartner-recognized independent third party providing a legitimate, full replacement for Microsoft Premier & Unified Support. (See Aug 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Independent third-party Support for IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft).

Why consider switching to US Cloud?

  • 30% to 50% savings vs. Unified Support
  • FASTER Initial Response, Sr. Engineer Engagement, and Time-to-Resolution (all severities)
  • Financially-backed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Senior Microsoft-certified engineers staffed around the clock (Level II – Level IV / DSE)
  • 100% US-based, domestic engineers. ZERO offshore – Support Sovereignty
  • 85% of tickets resolved in-house, including cloud technology like Azure and O365
  • Managed Microsoft escalation available through priority Microsoft Premier Support for Partners
  • True Technical Account Managers (TAM) vs. MSFT Customer Service Account Managers (CSAM)

Can US Cloud really support your company?

Yes, we can support virtually any Microsoft Premier or Unified client in all major industries. We fully replace Microsoft Support for many Fortune 500’s, complex multi-nationals, and companies across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, 24/7/365. We provide quality Microsoft support to mid-size companies as well.

How can US Cloud compete with Microsoft and still support them?

Although new for the Microsoft ecosystem, independent third-party support is a well-established model for other enterprise software platforms. 100% of our revenues come from our Premier and Unified Support replacement service and we have built the technical, legal and business structures specifically for that service.

What about cloud products? Don't you need tenant access?

US Cloud resolves cloud tickets (O365, Azure, etc.) over 77% of the time with no escalation (if you include on-premise it’s 85%). The majority are issues that do not need code or tenant access. For those issues that do need Microsoft involvement, we escalate tickets via Microsoft Premier Support for Partners through our proprietary network of elite MSFT partners.

Will I have to sacrifice quality to save money with US Cloud?

We do not sacrifice quality for lower prices. New clients often test us head-to-head against Microsoft’s support and most of the time we are faster to respond and resolve a ticket, with less effort for the client.

Can I get expedited access to Microsoft in an emergency?

Yes. Moving to an independent provider for your Microsoft product support does NOT mean you no longer need Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) involvement.

Does my security risk change by leaving OEM support?

Well, yes. But in a good way in this case. Unlike Microsoft, US Cloud doesn’t utilize offshore third-party vendors or ship your sensitive unsecured information outside the USA. US Cloud has also never been breached (such as the leak of 250k Premier Support client records in 2019) and we guarantee all client information is encrypted both in motion and at rest.

How do US Cloud engineers compare to Microsoft's?

Even if Microsoft wasn’t shipping most of your support overseas to third-party vendors, our engineers can compete at the highest level. We employ 100% domestic, US-based senior MSFT-certified engineers (L2-L4 and DSE) across the entire MSFT stack.

Does US Cloud provide proactive services?

Yes. US Cloud has a full Proactive Support Catalog for things like system health-checks, readiness assessments, project advisory support, training and workshops, deployment or migration assistance, mitigation planning and support, and much more.

Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support