Top-Tier Talent.

Excellent Microsoft support engineers backstopped by TAMs and DSEs

US Cloud is committed to providing top-quality Microsoft experts, ultra-responsiveness, and operational performance metrics. We have invested heavily since 2017 in the talent we attract and retain for the benefit of our clients. It’s trendy to say that “our people are the business’ most important asset.” But that is even more true at US Cloud – our people ARE our business.
Microsoft Enterprise Services

Engineering Excellence

US Cloud boasts a 100% USA-based, domestic engineering corps with senior-level, Microsoft-certified engineers. And we’re staffed 24/7 for our clients. We have several large US Federal Government agencies that require “support sovereignty” from their partners, meaning none of their data ever leaves US territory. This means that all of our engineers hail from the US and are located in-country. Unlike Microsoft and other providers, we NEVER use offshore resources or foreign contractors. This closes a huge security hole that often goes overlooked, as well as providing frictionless communication and better service for our customers day-to-day.

Our Premier Support Engineers troubleshoot and solve some of the most difficult issues for the world’s biggest, most sophisticated companies. Unlike competitors who try and use junior MSP-level staff overnight or “borrow” higher level project engineers who don’t typically work break-fix, US Cloud engineers are dedicated reactive support specialists.

A few statistics regarding our Premier Support Engineers:

  • Level 2.5 through Level 4 engineers
  • 14 years average MSFT technology experience
  • All Microsoft-certified
  • Gold Competencies across MSFT technologies
  • Large number of former MSFT engineers
  • Elite MSFT DSE resources on staff
  • 100% USA-based and sourced

TAM’s not CSAM’s

As Microsoft continues to swap its Technical Account Managers (TAM) for lower-level Customer Service Account Managers (CSAM), US Cloud is going the other direction. All our clients get a TAM dedicated to their account.

True Technical Account Managers deliver a higher level of Microsoft support by interfacing between your internal IT team and the US Cloud Premier Support team. This role is all about service delivery management. As the conduit between your organization and our global support resources, the TAM will manage your Microsoft technology stack via a range of activities related to improving the operational health of your IT.

As a trusted adviser, the TAM ensures clients are making the most of their Microsoft technology by creating a tailored service delivery plan to drive business value from the client’s IT investments and improving operational stability and performance. The TAM will also manage the delivery and follow-up of proactive services outlined in the service delivery plan as well as effectively communicate the realized value of services we’ve delivered through Service Reviews with the client.

DSE’s Available for All Technologies

A Designated Support Engineer (DSE) is a senior architect-level engineer who specializes in a specific Microsoft technology, such as Azure, M365, Dynamics, Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, SQL etc. These experts offer unparalleled expertise and dedicated support for your enterprise’s most important Microsoft products through on-demand advisory, health and performance checks, system or initiative assessments, and hands-on in-depth engagements in addition to broader technology consultative services.

DSE’s go well beyond break-fix and enhance your organization’s capacity to accelerate planning and completion of large-scale projects. By embedding these key strategic resources into your team, US Cloud provides you with subject matter experts who develop a deep understanding of your unique environment and can dramatically optimize your software investment, saving you both time and money.

We also have access to dozens of top-tier experts through our proprietary Elite Microsoft Partner Network. Regardless of your need, our DSE’s can provide advisory support for your most critical Microsoft projects.


Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support