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Gartner recognizes US Cloud Support as a total replacement for Microsoft Unified

Third-party enterprise software support is a proven model for Oracle, SAP, and IBM that has gone mainstream since its inception in 2005. Gartner has recognized US Cloud as the only independent 3rd party support provider for Microsoft enterprise software. Get the free Gartner Report to verify US Cloud's capabilities and 30-50% savings vs MS Premier/Unified Support.
Gartner Analyst Report: US Cloud Microsoft Support Services

Gartner Report on Third-Party Microsoft Support

2022-2023 Gartner Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Support for Microsoft featuring US Cloud

Following established alternative software support models for other enterprise technologies such as Rimini Street for Oracle in 2005, Spinnaker for SAP, and Origina for IBM, new entrant US Cloud for Microsoft has made remarkable headway in the few years since the launch of Unified Support in 2017. But it pays to verify capabilities and details around all these players. 

In August 2020, Gartner published their annual Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Support, marking the first time Gartner included a Microsoft category in the Market Guide highlighting US Cloud capabilities.

Get free access to the 2022 Gartner report.

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Third-Party Enterprise Software Support Goes Mainstream

According to a Gartner research note, the third-party enterprise software support market is expected to grow from $350 million in 2019 to $1.2 billion by 2024 – a 340% increase. Gartner goes on to state that 1 out of every 3 IT buyers is either currently using or evaluating the use of third-party enterprise software support.

Market acceptance of third-party enterprise support is further validated by a recent Valoir report, “The 3rd party support market is now mainstream. What was once considered a cost-cutting tactic for IT leaders has become a strategic tool for effective application IT portfolio management, enabling companies to reduce risk and support greater innovation.”

US Cloud's Proven Microsoft Enterprise Support is used by 51+ Fortune 500’s and Global 2000’s

Microsoft Enterprise Support Fortune 500 Clients at US Cloud
  • A top five retail Bank
  • The #4 Insurance company in the USA
  • A leading American Healthcare provider
  • The #1 GPS Device brand worldwide
  • The third largest Managed Care company in the US
  • The largest Industrial Manufacturer in Europe
  • The biggest Private Company on earth
  • Five major US Federal Agencies
  • And many, many more…

All of these large organizations made the switch from Microsoft Premier/Unified Support to US Cloud. Why are we telling you this? If we can support 50+ of the largest, most complex enterprises in the world, we can handle your Microsoft support as well.

Large enterprise procurement and IT buyers are saving their organization millions of dollars in year 1 savings with US Cloud. And another 2-3x in cost avoidance over the next 5 years.

Use the millions in IT budget savings to fund strategic projects and fuel growth while enjoying a superior Microsoft support experience at US Cloud.

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