Faster, Cheaper Microsoft Software Support and Maintenance at US Cloud

Faster, Cheaper Microsoft Software Support and Maintenance at US Cloud.

Faster, Cheaper Microsoft Software Support & Maintenance - US Cloud

Microsoft has been the main source of support for its own products and services for years. In the past few years, it’s undergone a few changes, such as phasing out Premier for Unified, altering the pricing schedule, and utilizing overseas third-party technicians to offset the influx of tickets. Change isn’t always for the better, and many businesses have started seeking out alternatives to solve their support needs without the financial hangups. This is where US Cloud can make a difference.

Faster, Cheaper Microsoft Software Support and Maintenance at US Cloud

What is Third-Party Microsoft Software Support & Maintenance?

Microsoft software support encompasses those still using Premier and businesses using Unified to handle their Microsoft product and services support needs. Third-party Microsoft software and support through US Cloud is the same type of support as Microsoft, but with a lower annual cost and faster resolution times. We offer financially backed SLAs to guarantee 15-minute response times to tickets of all severities, expert engineers with average industry experience of 14 years, 24/7 support, and all done domestically. US Cloud is the Microsoft support alternative capable of giving your company the assistance it needs to thrive and grow well into the future.

While other service providers offer simple support, Unified Support encompasses support for every business-facing product or service Microsoft offers. Finding an external solution that offers the same degree of support is challenging, but US Cloud is the only third-party alternative that matches the offering of Unified without the need to buy the whole bundle. Cancelling your Unified Support agreement and switching to US Cloud not only frees you from a restrictive Unified EA but saves you money immediately and well into the future.

The Economic Impact of Third-Party Microsoft Support

Financial Savings Through Third-Party Microsoft Support

According to Gartner, US Cloud can save you 50% or more on your annual support spend. In fact, since Gartner began following US Cloud in 2019, they have seen and tracked our momentum each year. In 2022, US Cloud hit its five-year mark alongside a wave of strong reviews. While we continued to scale up our services to provide economical Microsoft support for federal, state, local, and education (SLED) markets, Gartner was watching and assessing our progress.

Our price saving capabilities come from how quickly we respond to tickets and the quality of our service selection, which rivals that of Microsoft. With initial ticket response times averaging 4 minutes and resolution times for high severity tickets averaging 2 hours, you aren’t left sitting around, waiting for a solution to come by email. We sit alongside your team to determine where the problem begins and how we can reach the end. Specifically for high severity tickets, we contact your team on a consistent basis until the problem is resolved.

How to Save on Microsoft Unified/Premier Support

50% Cheaper Microsoft Unified/Premier Support

A typical enterprise relies heavily on 5-8 Microsoft technologies to run its core business. Microsoft Unified Support offers support for every service offered by Microsoft, which means that you’re paying for a wide range of services that you don’t even use. With the switch from Premier, companies no longer have the option to choose support options a-la-carte. US Cloud enables your business to start saving immediately through selective support. We offer almost all the same support options that Microsoft does, but with more convenience to your company.

Most Microsoft EAs are set into 3-year contracts, but if your Cloud spend grows over 5% in a year, your Unified baseline resets, meaning the cost increases alongside your Cloud spend. You essentially pay more for services that you will never utilize. US Cloud cuts out that problem by offering EAs that don’t change over the course of their lifespan. No surprise upcharges from greater Cloud consumption, just a bucket of hours and proactive support.

25% Faster Microsoft Support for 50% Less

This is a motto we’ve stuck by for years, but it isn’t just a fancy tagline. US Cloud provides financially backed SLAs that guarantee 15-minute initial response times to tickets of all severities. We average 4-minute initial response times currently, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a solution to come through your email the next day when the problem needs to be addressed ASAP. Our ticket resolution times are roughly twice as fast as Microsoft, with an average resolution time for high severity tickets of 2 hours and standard tickets between 1-3 hours.

A resolution time that shaves off half of your wait time may sound incredible, but it’s backed up by our client testimonials, both on site and through Gartner’s reviews. Our team of fully domestic engineers have a 24/7 response time, so tickets coming in from anywhere in the world have a dedicated engineer ready to respond and handle your needs. This way, you don’t have to wait up to 8 hours if you have a late-night emergency or work in a different time zone so we can get your support needs solved immediately.

All U.S. Domestic Microsoft-Certified Engineers

Microsoft has shifted some of their support services overseas to companies like Mindtree and Wipro to combat high ticket volume. While this frees up engineers stateside to tackle the tougher tickets, it leaves lower priority tickets in the hands of businesses that are outside US compliance regulations. US Cloud provides support through a team of fully domestic engineers with an average of 14 years of Microsoft service experience. Not only are they fully domestic, but we offer 24/7 support so that no matter what time zone or country you’re in, we have an engineer ready to assist. Guaranteed compliance and guaranteed 15-minute response times, what’s not to love?

US Cloud is Your Microsoft Support Replacement

Growing your company takes effort, but spending increasingly large amounts of money on your Microsoft support is a surefire way of preventing further growth. It takes money to make money after all, but at a certain point it becomes almost unmanageable. US Cloud makes a difference in our client’s lives by saving them time and money. Over 50% savings on annual support spend and dedicated proactive support go a long way in improving the outlook of your IT plans. Get faster Microsoft support for less with US Cloud today.

Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support