Microsoft End of Life – Extend Lifespan.

Increase life and ROI of your Microsoft software with ESUs + US Cloud Support

Increase lifespan and ROI of your enterprise’s Microsoft software portfolio by deferring upgrades and migrations during your 10 years of Mainstream and Extended support. Extend lifespan and ROI even further with 3 years of ESUs and replacement of Premier/Unified with US Cloud Support. CFOs – Stop wasting precious budget by upgrading Microsoft software just to stay fully supported. CIOs – achieve strategic IT roadmap flexibility by upgrading when it makes economic sense for your enterprise.

Microsoft end of life - extend life span

Increase Life & ROI of Your Microsoft Investments

Extend Lifespan and ROI of Your Microsoft Investments with ESUs and US Cloud Support.

IT leaders can avoid expensive Microsoft upgrades or migrations by running their existing highly functional systems and avoid long-term lock-in from Microsoft. US Cloud offers our clients the strategic freedom to extend lifespans of hard-working, stable Microsoft implementations and upgrade their Microsoft systems when it best suits the enterprise. In order to maximize your ROI and decrease Microsoft spend, use Extended Security Updates (ESUs) to extend support another 3 years. At the same time, replace Premier/Unified Support with US Cloud Support resulting in free ESUs and additional savings.

Looking to maximize your Microsoft investment, deliver ROI, and lower TCO? Look no further.

Stop Wasting IT Budget 

According to Gartner, 90% of the average IT budget goes toward ongoing operations and enhancements, while only 10% of the budget is set aside for business transformation initiatives.

-Gartner, “IT Key Metrics Data 2021: Executive Summary” December 18, 2020.

Defer Microsoft Upgrades Until ROI-Ready

Microsoft upgrades and migrations are expensive, disruptive, and typically don’t drive competitive advantage or revenue growth. However, Microsoft is forcing their customers to move from robust, stable systems to new and unproven platforms through forced end of life support deadlines.

In addition, lifecycle costs increase as MS products move from mainstream to extended and end of life support stages – without any clear ROI or business value. With US Cloud, savvy CIOs can choose to defer Microsoft upgrade and migration projects that do not contribute to revenue generation until there are proven business cases and demonstrated ROI.

CFOs - Stop Wasting Budget Just to Stay Fully Supported

Microsoft enterprise software upgrades used to provide significant, valuable new functionality. Now, instead of looking forward to new features, many Microsoft customers fear the expensive and time-consuming upgrade treadmill — with little perceived new value.

Don’t be forced into an upgrade for a system that is performing well or into migration only to stay fully supported. Potentially costing millions of dollars, Microsoft upgrades can also pose significant risks and disrupt business, requiring rebuilding and retesting of customizations and integrations.

CIOs - Achieve Strategic IT Roadmap Flexibility

Enterprises can take control of their IT roadmaps and make Microsoft platform migration decisions based on business priorities, including migrating to the cloud on their own terms — instead of giving in to Microsoft pressure to “rip-and-replace” well-running, customized systems.

Wait for next-generation Microsoft solutions to mature and for a clear ROI to emerge instead of being pressured to migrate to new Microsoft cloud solutions now that may lead to long-term lock-in with escalating costs. US Cloud provides full support of all Microsoft enterprise software releases beyond end of life, allowing additional time to evaluate future MS software and release roadmap options, including new cloud options.

Can US Cloud Patch Microsoft End of Life (EOL) Products?

No. Nor do we recommend running End of Life products in public-facing or mission-critical capacities past ESU availability (5 years of Mainstream support, 5 years Extended support, 3 years ESUs) since vendor patches and security updates are no longer available.

However, US Cloud does support internal Microsoft EOL products and will use its best efforts to resolve problems with them. EOL support is backstopped by our fanatical Microsoft certified engineers and Elite MSP Network available 24×7 worldwide.

US Cloud Microsoft End of Life Support allows you to upgrade or migrate when it makes the most economical sense for your business.

Enterprises Ready for Better Support & Bigger Savings

US Cloud third-party Microsoft support helps to reduce fees, preserve future flexibility, and extend the lifespan of current robust Microsoft enterprise software releases without requiring any costly, labor-intensive upgrades or migrations.

Better Microsoft Return on Investment

Don’t change simply for the sake of change — avoid expensive and disruptive upgrades or migrations just to stay supported. Reduce support fees and avoid wasting potentially millions of dollars required to migrate or refresh well-running and stable systems to unproven new platforms without a business case or ROI.

Economical, Expert Microsoft Support

Get access to Microsoft support experts on the frontlines. US Cloud offers Designated Support Engineers (DSEs) with an average of 20 years of experience and industry-leading, 24/7/365 response times. DSEs quickly resolve issues and develop fixes that address customizations.

Lower Total Cost of Microsoft Ownership

Free up funds for growth and innovation while lowering your Microsoft TCO. US Cloud clients can take their substantial Microsoft support costs savings and invest in new and innovative IT initiatives that create competitive advantage and drive business growth.

Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support