Experience US Cloud Support Firsthand.

The best way to experience the benefits of US Cloud Support is firsthand

Experience the transformative power of our third-party Microsoft support with a risk-free, proof of concept trial. Discover firsthand how our Microsoft experts can extend the life of your IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, and enhance system performance—all tailored to fit your unique business needs. This trial is designed to show you the tangible benefits of switching to our support services, providing you with personalized insights and measurable outcomes. With our 97% proven track record of boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction, let us demonstrate our commitment to excellence and partnership. Sign up today and take the first step towards streamlined operations and strategic IT management.

US Cloud support Proof of Concept (POC) trial

Proof of Concept (POC) Trial

Unleash the power of the US Cloud Support team with our risk-free proof of concept trial. Experience firsthand how our Microsoft expertise can significantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce resolution times, and free up your internal resources to focus on core business initiatives. This limited-time trial allows you to witness the transformative impact we can have on your support operations without any upfront commitment. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your customer experience and unlock the hidden potential within your support infrastructure.

US Cloud has formalized, contractual no-risk Proof of Concept (POC) trials built into all our client contracts.  It offers peace of mind to companies who want to try something outside the Microsoft Monopoly for the first time.  Our standard POC trial is 30-days and allows cancellation for any reason, no questions asked.  Only pay for the service hours you actually used and that is it. In the end, 97% of the enterprises who test US Cloud Support stick around so we must be doing something right.

Support POC Criteria - 97% Success Rate

To ensure the success of the US Cloud Support proof of concept trial, we’ve defined clear, measurable criteria tailored to demonstrate our commitment to your operational excellence. Key performance indicators include a significant reduction in incident resolution times, a measurable increase in user satisfaction ratings, and a demonstrable decrease in overall IT support costs. We will also assess the integration capabilities with your existing systems to ensure seamless functionality. By achieving these benchmarks, we aim to validate the effectiveness of our support services, providing you with concrete evidence of the enhanced value and efficiency we can deliver to your organization. To our teams’ credit, 97% of those organizations that test US Cloud support capabilities stay with us for years to come.

We work with clients heading into POC’s to define what would constitute a successful trial for them. For some it’s jumping into every day break-fix issues with success criteria focused on response and resolution times.  For others it’s test driving our deep Microsoft expertise around a specific Microsoft technology with a DSE. Or it might look like doing a proactive engagement.  So whether your focus is on our abilities in a certain Microsoft technology, our speed of response/resolution, or our ability to escalate critical cases to Microsoft quickly, we encourage you to give it a try. All companies and clients are different. No amount of case studies, reference calls, or analyst recommendations can substitute for firsthand experience in real-world situations.

Validate Our Support Capabilities

Our proof of concept trial proves our capabilities and gives you confidence in US Cloud third-party Microsoft support. Worried about security? We operate under strict NDAs and utilize industry-leading security protocols. Concerned about expertise and access to Microsoft? We support all Microsoft business software and can escalate to Microsoft in a moment’s notice. Want to measure effectiveness before committing? The trial allows you to experience firsthand the boost in customer satisfaction, reduced resolution times, and improved internal efficiency. See for yourself how the US Cloud Support team empowers you to focus on core business while we elevate your Microsoft support experience – risk-free.

Gain true insight into US Cloud capabilities.  We do not water down our POC trials.  Companies go through the same onboarding process as everyone else, get the same Technical Account Manager that would be their primary contact if they move to an annual agreement.  They are put into the same queue as all our clients for break-fix, DSE’s, or proactive support.

Your experience in a US Cloud POC is a true window into our day-in, day-out operations.  With the same engineers, account staff, processes, and escalation paths.  So there is no bait-and-switch where you get the A-team during trial and then experience a big drop in service quality.  With US Cloud we try and give you a fair sense of what our service is like and let you make the determination if we are a good fit for your organization.

Easy Transition to Continue Support

Our process allows zero lag between a successful POC and an annual agreement that can seamlessly continue our provision of support. No need to start over with negotiations or risk a gap in coverage. Because we are willing to put in the work ahead of our trials to make sure we have addressed any issues within a future service agreement, regardless of the risk to us, it is frictionless for both IT and Procurement to transition into a full annual agreement with US Cloud.

The risk of failing to come to terms after a trial is almost as bad as a failed trial. We take that worry out of the equation so both parties can focus on the work and testing to ensure we are good fit for your business.

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