US Cloud Support Team.

Get direct access to Microsoft experts delivering faster support worldwide

All US Cloud enterprise support clients get direct access to hundreds of expert-level Microsoft-certified engineers available 24/7 globally, across all time zones. US Cloud hires only senior-level engineers with 15+ years of Microsoft best practice experience. US Cloud supports all Microsoft software and cloud services.

US Cloud’s cost-efficient pay-as-you-go model delivers faster Microsoft support with a 15-minute response time SLA (average is 6 minutes) and faster resolution time than MS Premier/Unified. Enterprises can also improve their security posture with our U.S. teams and discover the power of personalized support from DSE engineers and TAM account managers.

US Cloud's Microsoft Support team

Direct Access to Microsoft-Certified Experts

Direct access to Microsoft experts at US Cloud is crucial for enterprises as it ensures faster and more effective issue resolution, provides access to deep technical expertise, enables proactive problem management, offers customized solutions, enhances operational efficiency, increases satisfaction, and aligns IT strategies with business goals.

Faster Issue Resolution: Direct access to senior Microsoft experts means that issues can be addressed and resolved more quickly. Enterprises avoid the delays typically associated with tiered support systems, where problems must be escalated through multiple levels before reaching a knowledgeable expert. This leads to reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

Enhanced Expertise: Microsoft experts bring deep technical knowledge and experience, ensuring that complex issues are handled with a high level of proficiency. Their expertise allows for accurate diagnosis and effective solutions, which can prevent recurring problems and improve overall system stability.

Proactive Problem Management: Experts can identify potential issues before they escalate into critical problems. With their deep understanding of Microsoft environments, they can implement preventative measures and optimizations, reducing the risk of future disruptions.

Customized Solutions: Direct access to experts allows for more personalized and tailored support. Microsoft experts can provide advice and solutions that are specifically aligned with the unique needs and configurations of the enterprise’s IT environment, ensuring that support is relevant and effective.

Operational Efficiency: Quick and effective issue resolution, along with proactive management, leads to smoother and more efficient operations. Enterprises can maintain higher levels of operational continuity, which is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage and meeting business goals.

Increased Satisfaction: Both IT staff and end-users benefit from the assurance that their issues will be resolved promptly and effectively. This leads to higher satisfaction levels, better user experience, and a more positive perception of the IT department within the organization.

Strategic IT Alignment: Experts can provide strategic guidance and insights that align IT operations with business objectives. This helps enterprises leverage their Microsoft environments more effectively to drive innovation, efficiency, and business growth.

US Cloud eliminates the frustration of automated phone systems and long wait times. You gain direct access to qualified professionals who can address your concerns efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Cost-efficient Pay-As-You-Go Model

The pay-as-you-go support model offered by US Cloud empowers enterprises to achieve significant cost savings, optimize resource allocation, and gain greater control over their Microsoft support expenses. This allows them to focus their internal IT resources on strategic initiatives while ensuring their Microsoft environment receives the support it needs to function optimally.


  • Reduced Costs: Enterprises only pay for the support hours they actually use. This eliminates the burden of paying for features or services included in a bundled package that they might not need. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially for enterprises operating in both on-premise data centers and Microsoft cloud environments.

  • Budget Flexibility: The pay-as-you-go model allows enterprises to tailor their support plan to their specific needs and budget constraints. They can adjust the level of support up or down as their needs evolve, ensuring they are always paying for the right amount of service.

  • Improved ROI: By optimizing their support spending, enterprises can allocate saved resources towards other strategic IT initiatives or Microsoft investments. This translates to a higher return on investment for their overall Microsoft environment.


  • Resource Optimization: The pay-as-you-go model eliminates the feeling of paying for unused support features. This frees up internal IT resources that might have been tasked with managing or utilizing underutilized support elements within a bundled package.

  • Scalability: Enterprises can easily scale their support needs up or down as required. During periods of peak activity or during cloud environment expansion, they can increase support hours. Conversely, during periods of lower activity, they can scale back on support, ensuring they are always paying for the appropriate level of service.

  • Focus on Core Business: By outsourcing their Microsoft support needs to a qualified provider like US Cloud, enterprises can free up their internal IT teams to focus on core business-critical tasks. This allows them to contribute more strategically to the organization’s overall IT goals.


  • Expertise vs. Generality: Pay-as-you-go models allow enterprises to potentially secure access to highly specialized Microsoft support compared to the potentially more generic support offered in bundled packages. This can lead to faster issue resolution and a deeper understanding of their specific environment.

  • Transparency and Control: Enterprises have greater transparency and control over their support costs with the pay-as-you-go model. They can easily track their support usage and adjust their plans accordingly, ensuring they are not incurring unnecessary expenses.

Unlike Microsoft Unified Support’s all-inclusive pricing, US Cloud allows you to customize a plan that fits your specific needs. You only pay for the support hours you require, avoiding unnecessary expenses for features you don’t use. This translates to significant cost savings for your enterprise since you aren’t burdened with unnecessary expenses.

Delivering Faster Microsoft Support

US Cloud provides faster support than Microsoft by offering direct access to senior engineers, personalized service, proactive monitoring, flexible and scalable support, faster response times, faster resolution times, and high availability. These factors collectively enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of our support services, ensuring that client issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

Direct Access to Senior Engineers: Unlike Microsoft’s tiered support system, US Cloud provides clients with direct access to senior engineers from the outset. This eliminates the need for multiple escalations and reduces the time taken to resolve issues.

Personalized Service: US Cloud assigns dedicated support teams that understand the specific IT environments and needs of their clients. This familiarity allows for quicker diagnosis and resolution of issues, as the support team is already aware of the client’s infrastructure and history.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: US Cloud offers proactive monitoring services that identify and address potential problems before they impact operations. This proactive approach helps prevent downtime and ensures that issues are dealt with promptly.

Flexible and Scalable Support: US Cloud’s support model is highly adaptable, allowing enterprises to scale services according to their needs without being bound by rigid contracts. This flexibility ensures that support can be ramped up quickly in response to urgent issues or changing business requirements.

Faster Response Times: With a support-only focus, US Cloud can guarantee faster response times compared to the larger, more generalized support structure of Microsoft. This means clients get quicker access to the help they need, minimizing operational disruptions.

Faster Resolution Times: With all senior-level engineers, integrated cross-technology and triage teams, US Cloud resolves tickets faster than Microsoft. As a result, enterprise support clients spend fewer support hours with US Cloud and increase operational efficiency with less downtime.

High Availability: US Cloud provides 24/7 global support, ensuring that assistance is always available regardless of time zones. This constant availability is crucial for global enterprises that operate around the clock.

US Cloud’s support structure offers several advantages that lead to faster issue resolution for your specific Microsoft environment. Our focus, specialization, proactive measures, and streamlined communication channels expedite the support process compared to a more generic approach within Microsoft’s broader support structure.

All Microsoft Software & Services Supported

Enterprises benefit significantly from US Cloud’s comprehensive support for all Microsoft software and cloud services. Having US Cloud support all your Microsoft software and cloud services offers a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective approach. Our expertise across all Microsoft business products, combined with a holistic view of your environment, leads to faster issue resolution and a more secure Microsoft ecosystem for your enterprise.

Unified Support Experience: By offering support across the entire Microsoft ecosystem, US Cloud provides a seamless and integrated support experience. Enterprises no longer need to juggle multiple support providers for different Microsoft products, reducing complexity and ensuring a consistent level of service and expertise.

Cost Efficiency: Consolidating support services with a single provider leads to cost savings. US Cloud’s pay-as-you-go model ensures that enterprises only pay for the specific support they need, eliminating the overhead costs associated with multiple support contracts and services.

Streamlined Operations: With US Cloud managing all aspects of Microsoft support, from Office 365 to Azure and Dynamics 365, enterprises can streamline their IT operations. This holistic approach ensures that all systems work together smoothly, reducing the risk of compatibility issues and improving overall operational efficiency.

Expertise Across All Platforms: US Cloud’s team of experts is well-versed in the entire portfolio of Microsoft products. This broad expertise allows us to provide specialized support for each product, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and effectively by knowledgeable professionals.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Supporting all Microsoft software and cloud services allows US Cloud to implement comprehensive security measures and compliance protocols across the enterprise’s IT environment. This integrated approach helps in maintaining robust security standards and meeting regulatory requirements more efficiently.

Proactive and Preventive Support: US Cloud’s proactive monitoring across all Microsoft services enables early detection and resolution of potential issues. This preventive approach minimizes downtime and ensures that the IT infrastructure remains reliable and performant.

Scalability and Flexibility: As enterprises grow and their needs evolve, US Cloud can easily scale support services to match new requirements. Whether expanding to a new country or adding a newly acquired subsidiary, US Cloud’s flexible support model can accommodate these changes seamlessly.

Improved Decision-Making: With comprehensive insights and analytics from a single support provider, enterprises can make more informed decisions about their IT strategy and investments. This consolidated data helps in identifying trends, optimizing resource allocation, and planning for future growth.

The benefits to enterprises of US Cloud supporting all Microsoft software and cloud services include a unified support experience, cost efficiency, streamlined operations, broad expertise, enhanced security and compliance, proactive support, scalability, and improved decision-making. These advantages collectively help enterprises optimize their IT infrastructure and achieve greater business success.

Global 24/7 Coverage for All Time Zones

US Cloud’s Global 24/7 Coverage for all time zones helps enterprises by minimizing downtime, enhancing customer service, supporting global operations, enabling proactive problem management, improving collaboration and productivity, providing flexibility and scalability, and ensuring compliance and security. These benefits collectively contribute to more efficient, reliable, and secure business operations on a global scale.

Minimized Downtime: With round-the-clock support, issues can be addressed immediately, regardless of when they occur. This minimizes downtime, which is crucial for maintaining productivity and avoiding revenue loss. Enterprises can rely on continuous support from US Cloud to keep their systems up and running smoothly at all times.

Enhanced Customer Service: Providing 24/7 support ensures that end-users and IT staff worldwide receive timely assistance, regardless of their time zone. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as enterprises appreciate the availability and responsiveness of US Cloud support services.

Global Operations Support: Enterprises with operations spread across multiple regions benefit from consistent Microsoft support. Whether it’s addressing a technical issue in Asia during the night or resolving a problem in Europe during the day, US Cloud’s global coverage ensures that support is always available, facilitating seamless global operations.

Proactive Problem Management: Continuous monitoring and proactive support help in identifying and resolving potential issues before they escalate into major problems. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of significant disruptions and ensures that the IT infrastructure remains reliable and secure.

Improved Collaboration and Productivity: Global 24/7 support enhances collaboration among international teams. With consistent access to support, employees can work more efficiently without worrying about time zone differences or waiting for support during business hours in another region.

Flexibility and Scalability: As enterprises grow and expand into new markets, the need for flexible and scalable support becomes critical. US Cloud’s 24/7 coverage allows companies to scale their support services according to their evolving needs, ensuring that they can adapt to new challenges and opportunities effectively.

Compliance and Security: Around-the-clock support includes continuous monitoring for security threats and compliance with industry regulations. This helps enterprises maintain a strong security posture and ensures that they are always in compliance with relevant standards, reducing the risk of legal and regulatory issues.

US Cloud’s global 24/7 coverage provides peace of mind, ensures business continuity, and empowers your global workforce. It showcases your commitment to international customers and positions your enterprise for success in the global marketplace.


Streamlined Triage, CritSit & Escalation

US Cloud’s triage, CritSit, and escalation teams deliver faster Microsoft support to enterprises through streamlined triage processes, dedicated management of critical situations, effective escalation protocols, 24/7 availability, and proactive monitoring. These elements combine to provide a robust support system that ensures rapid resolution of issues, minimal downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency for enterprises.

Streamlined Triage Process

US Cloud’s triage teams are designed to rapidly assess and prioritize incoming support requests. This initial triage ensures that issues are quickly categorized based on their severity and impact, allowing the most critical problems to receive immediate attention. By swiftly directing resources to the most urgent issues, US Cloud minimizes downtime and ensures that enterprises experience minimal disruption to their operations. This efficient triage process contrasts with the often slower, more bureaucratic procedures found in traditional support models, where issues may languish in lower-priority queues.

Dedicated CritSit Management

For critical situations (CritSit), US Cloud has specialized teams that are dedicated to resolving high-impact issues as swiftly as possible. These CritSit teams consist of senior engineers with deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, ensuring that the most complex and severe problems are handled by the most qualified professionals. The focused attention from CritSit teams ensures that critical incidents are resolved quickly, reducing potential damage and restoring normal operations faster than the standard escalation processes used by many other support providers.

Effective Escalation Protocols

US Cloud’s escalation teams follow well-defined protocols to ensure that unresolved issues are quickly moved to higher levels of expertise. This systematic approach to escalation means that problems are not delayed by unnecessary bureaucratic steps and are addressed by the appropriate level of technical skill as soon as possible. The escalation teams are trained to handle complex issues and have direct access to Microsoft if needed, ensuring a seamless and expedited resolution process.

24/7 Availability and Responsiveness

One of the key benefits of US Cloud’s support model is the availability of triage, CritSit, and escalation teams around the clock. This 24/7 availability ensures that support is always at hand, no matter the time zone or time of day. Enterprises benefit from knowing that any critical issues will be addressed immediately, regardless of when they occur, which is particularly vital for global operations that cannot afford extended periods of downtime.

Proactive Monitoring and Prevention

US Cloud’s approach also includes proactive monitoring, which helps in identifying potential issues before they become critical. This proactive stance allows the triage and CritSit teams to address vulnerabilities and potential problems early, often preventing critical incidents from occurring in the first place. This level of proactive support is a significant advantage over reactive-only models, providing enterprises with a more stable and reliable IT environment.

US Cloud’s triage, CritSit, and escalation teams deliver faster Microsoft support to enterprises through swift issue identification, specialized handling of high-severity incidents, effective escalation management, and a coordinated support approach. This comprehensive and efficient support structure ensures that enterprises experience minimal downtime and optimal performance of their IT systems, driving overall business success and reliability.

Improve Security Posture with U.S. Teams

US Cloud’s U.S. domestic workforce improves the security posture of enterprises by ensuring compliance with U.S. regulations, reducing the risk of data breaches, enhancing data sovereignty, improving incident response times, adhering to strong security protocols, employing trusted personnel, and aligning with national security interests. These factors collectively contribute to a more robust and secure IT environment for enterprises.

Compliance with U.S. Regulations: A U.S.-based workforce ensures that all support operations comply with U.S. laws and regulations, including data protection standards like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). This compliance is crucial for industries such as healthcare and government where strict data privacy and security standards must be maintained.

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches: By keeping data and support operations within U.S. borders, enterprises reduce the risk associated with international data transfers and potential breaches due to varying security standards. U.S. domestic support minimizes exposure to international threats and vulnerabilities that may arise from geopolitical tensions.

Enhanced Data Sovereignty: Utilizing a U.S. domestic workforce ensures that sensitive data remains within the country, adhering to data sovereignty requirements. This is particularly important for enterprises dealing with classified or sensitive information that must not leave the jurisdiction of the United States.

Improved Incident Response Times: A domestic workforce can offer faster incident response times due to the elimination of time zone differences and cultural barriers. Quick and efficient handling of security incidents is vital for minimizing potential damage and restoring normal operations promptly.

Stronger Security Protocols: U.S. workers are more likely to be familiar with and adhere to U.S. cybersecurity protocols and best practices. This ensures a consistent and high level of security management across all operations, reducing the likelihood of security lapses and breaches.

Trusted and Verified Personnel: Employing a domestic workforce allows for more rigorous background checks and vetting processes, ensuring that the personnel handling sensitive data are trustworthy and qualified. This enhances the overall security posture by mitigating the risk of insider threats.

Alignment with National Security Interests: For enterprises working with government contracts or sensitive projects, using a U.S.-based support team aligns with national security interests and can be a requirement for compliance with certain contracts and regulations.

The U.S. domestic workforce at US Cloud is a valuable asset for improving your enterprise’s security posture. Our stronger compliance, enhanced communication, and familiarity with U.S. security threats can contribute to a more secure Microsoft environment.

Industry-Leading SLAs & Best Practices

Industry-Leading SLAs

Enterprises benefit immensely from US Cloud’s industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) through enhanced reliability and performance. These SLAs provide clear, measurable support performance targets, ensuring that critical Microsoft support systems remain highly available. By committing to stringent uptime guarantees, rapid response times, and time-bound escalations, US Cloud minimizes operational disruptions, which is essential for maintaining productivity and business continuity. This reliability is particularly crucial for enterprises that rely on continuous IT operations to support their global activities and customer interactions.

Additionally, US Cloud’s SLAs foster a high level of trust and accountability. Enterprises can be confident that any issues will be addressed promptly and effectively, backed by clear remedies if service levels are not met. This transparency not only builds trust but also allows businesses to plan and budget more effectively, knowing they have a dependable support system in place. The proactive monitoring and maintenance included in these SLAs further ensure that potential problems are identified and resolved before they can impact operations. This proactive approach helps in preventing downtime and maintaining a stable IT environment, which supports overall business efficiency and strategic growth.

Microsoft Best Practices

Implementing US Cloud’s Microsoft best practices significantly enhances the operational efficiency and security of enterprises. These practices streamline IT operations, ensuring systems are optimized for peak performance and reliability. By adhering to standardized methodologies and frameworks, enterprises can reduce downtime and enhance the predictability of their IT environments, allowing business processes to run smoothly without frequent interruptions. Furthermore, Microsoft best practices encompass robust security measures that protect sensitive data from breaches and cyber threats. This proactive approach to security helps enterprises maintain compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR and HIPAA, mitigating legal risks and enhancing their reputation for data protection.

Moreover, US Cloud’s Microsoft best practices facilitate scalability and flexibility, enabling enterprises to adapt quickly to changing business needs and market conditions. This adaptability is crucial for businesses looking to expand or pivot operations without significant disruptions. Additionally, these best practices promote cost efficiency by optimizing resource utilization and reducing unnecessary expenditures. By leveraging tools like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and SharePoint, enterprises can improve collaboration and productivity across their workforce, leading to better project outcomes and overall business success. The strategic alignment of IT initiatives with business goals ensures that technology investments support broader organizational objectives, driving innovation and long-term growth. These comprehensive benefits collectively empower enterprises to maintain a competitive edge and achieve sustainable success in their industries.

The Power of Personalized Support

Personalized Microsoft Support at US Cloud

Personalized support at US Cloud offers enterprises a tailored service experience that directly aligns with their specific needs and operational goals. Unlike generic support models, personalized support involves a dedicated team that understands the unique IT environment, business processes, and strategic objectives of each enterprise. This deep understanding enables quicker issue resolution and more effective problem management, as the support team is already familiar with the enterprise’s systems and requirements. By providing direct access to senior engineers who can offer expert advice and customized solutions, US Cloud ensures that technical issues are resolved efficiently and proactively, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

A Compelling Advantage for Enterprises

Personalized support fosters a strong, trust-based relationship between the enterprise and the US Cloud support team. This relationship is built on consistent, high-quality interactions where the support team is seen as an extension of the enterprise’s IT department. The dedicated support approach also facilitates better communication and faster response times, as there is no need to repeatedly explain issues to different support agents. Enterprises benefit from a more responsive and engaged support system that can adapt to their evolving needs, helping them stay agile in a competitive market. Ultimately, the power of personalized support at US Cloud translates into higher customer satisfaction, improved IT performance, and a significant competitive advantage.

DSE Engineers for Proactive, Advisory & Projects

US Cloud’s DSE (Designated Support Engineer) engineers act as a valuable extension of your IT team. Their proactive approach, expert guidance, and project support empower enterprises to leverage Microsoft products and cloud services more effectively, achieve strategic objectives, and optimize their overall IT environment.


  • Early Issue Detection: DSE engineers proactively monitor your Microsoft environment, identifying potential problems before they escalate into major outages. This preventative approach minimizes downtime and ensures your critical business operations run smoothly.

  • Security Expertise: US Cloud support plans likely include proactive security monitoring and vulnerability assessments. DSE engineers can identify and address potential security threats before they can be exploited, safeguarding your data and systems.

  • Performance Optimization: DSE engineers can analyze your Microsoft environment and recommend performance optimization strategies. This can lead to faster application response times, improved user experience, and overall efficiency gains.


  • Expert Advice on Microsoft Solutions: DSE engineers possess in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and cloud services. They can provide tailored recommendations and insights to help you choose the right solutions for your specific business needs and goals.

  • Cloud Migration Planning and Execution: If considering a cloud migration to Microsoft Azure, DSE engineers can guide you through the entire process, from planning and strategy to implementation and ongoing optimization.

  • Licensing Optimization: DSE engineers can help you evaluate your current Microsoft licensing landscape and identify opportunities for cost savings. This ensures you’re not paying for features or services you don’t need.


  • Technical Expertise for Complex Projects: DSE engineers have the skills and experience to handle complex Microsoft-related projects, such as application deployments, infrastructure upgrades, and security configurations.

  • Reduced Project Risk and Improved Efficiency: Their expertise helps mitigate potential risks associated with Microsoft projects, ensuring smooth implementation and achieving desired outcomes on time and within budget.

  • Dedicated Support Throughout the Project Lifecycle: US Cloud’s DSE engineers offer ongoing support throughout your project, from initial planning to post-implementation assistance. This ensures you have the resources you need for a successful project execution.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: US Cloud’s pay-as-you-go model allows you to tailor your DSE support to your specific project needs and budget. You only pay for the hours required, maximizing the return on investment.

  • Improved Productivity and ROI: By minimizing downtime, optimizing performance, and ensuring successful project outcomes, US Cloud’s DSE support ultimately leads to increased productivity and a higher return on investment for your Microsoft environment.

US Cloud’s DSE engineers enhance enterprise operations through proactive support and maintenance, expert advisory services, and comprehensive project support. These benefits lead to improved IT stability, strategic alignment of technology initiatives, and successful project execution, driving overall business success and competitive advantage​

Experienced TAM Account Managers

US Cloud TAMs (Technical Account Manager) provide a superior level of dedicated, proactive, and strategic support compared to Microsoft CSAMs (Customer Success Account Manager). They offer personalized service, comprehensive project support, enhanced communication, and cost-efficient solutions, all of which contribute to better aligning IT initiatives with business objectives and driving greater enterprise success.

Dedicated and Personalized Service

US Cloud Technical Account Managers (TAMs) offer a more dedicated and personalized service compared to Microsoft Customer Success Account Managers (CSAMs). TAMs at US Cloud are specifically assigned to understand the unique IT environments and business needs of their clients. This allows them to provide tailored advice and proactive support that aligns closely with the enterprise’s strategic goals. Unlike the broader, more generalized approach often seen with CSAMs, US Cloud TAMs develop deep, ongoing relationships with their clients, ensuring consistent and highly personalized service.

Proactive and Strategic Advisory

US Cloud TAMs excel in providing proactive and strategic advisory services. They continuously monitor and assess the client’s IT infrastructure, identifying potential issues and opportunities for improvement before they become critical problems. This proactive stance helps enterprises stay ahead of technological challenges and leverage new opportunities for innovation and efficiency. In contrast, Microsoft CSAMs typically focus on growing cloud consumption and general customer success strategies, which may not always align perfectly with the specific needs of individual enterprises.

Comprehensive Project Support

US Cloud TAMs provide hands-on project support that goes beyond standard account management. They assist with planning, execution, and management of IT projects, ensuring that these initiatives align with the client’s business objectives and are implemented successfully. This level of involvement ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget, minimizing disruptions to daily operations. Microsoft CSAMs, while offering valuable support, often do not provide the same depth of involvement in project management and execution.

Enhanced Communication and Responsiveness

US Cloud’s TAMs are known for their high level of communication and responsiveness. They are readily available to address client concerns and provide timely updates, ensuring that enterprises feel supported and informed at all times. This contrasts with the experience some enterprises have with Microsoft CSAMs, where responsiveness can vary and clients may feel less directly connected to their account manager.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

US Cloud offers more cost-effective and flexible support options compared to Microsoft. The personalized and dedicated nature of US Cloud’s TAMs ensures that enterprises get the most value from their support investments, paying only for the services they need. This flexible approach contrasts with the often rigid and higher-cost structures associated with Microsoft’s support plans, making US Cloud a more appealing option for enterprises looking to maximize their IT budgets.

US Cloud TAMs offer a compelling alternative to Microsoft’s CSAM account managers with their vast experience, deep Microsoft expertise, focus, proactive approach, and more accessible communication channels.

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