US Cloud Support Team.

Hundreds of Microsoft experts with decades of expertise at the ready

Our highly-efficient Microsoft-certified support engineers are the heart of US Cloud. Many are former Microsoft Premier/MCS and all of them are screened, tested, measured, and compensated to ensure we maintain the highest quality Microsoft Enterprise Support capability possible. Defense, government, and regulated industries maintain compliance by using US Cloud Microsoft Support engineers who are screened US persons as defined by ITAR 120.15.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is the core Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) designation at US Cloud. Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) is the core designation around our Designated System Engineers (DSE) while MS Certified Developer (MCD) makes up the balance in the US Cloud DevOps team.
Microsoft 365 Government Support

100% USA-Based Engineers

US Cloud boasts a 100% USA-based, domestic engineering corps with senior-level, Microsoft-certified engineers staffed 24/7 for our clients. We support many defense contractors, US Federal Government agencies, and highly-regulated enterprises that require “support sovereignty” from their partners, meaning that all support engineers are US persons as defined by ITAR 120.15 and none of their data ever leaves US territory.

This means that all of our engineers hail from the US and are located in-country. Unlike Microsoft and other providers, we NEVER use off-shore resources or foreign contractors. This closes a huge security hole that often goes overlooked, as well as providing frictionless communication and better service for our customers day-to-day.

Senior Engineers on Tap

US Cloud employs engineering talent capable of troubleshooting and solving some of the most difficult issues for the world’s biggest, most sophisticated enterprises. Unlike competitors who try and use junior MSP-level staff overnight or “borrow” higher level project engineers that don’t typically work break-fix issues, US Cloud engineers are dedicated, reactive Microsoft Enterprise Support specialists.

A few statistics regarding our Premier Support Engineers:
• Level 2.5 through Level 4 engineers
• 14 years average MSFT technology experience
• All Microsoft-certified engineers, architects, or developers
• Gold Competencies across MSFT technologies
• Large number of former MSFT engineers
• Elite MSFT DSE resources on staff
• 100% USA-based and sourced

Integrated Teams by Design

Unlike Microsoft, US Cloud employs integrated, cross-technology teams in “pod” structures. We created this structure to avoid the “starting all over again” experience when Microsoft Support transfers you from one product silo to another. US Cloud’s holistic approach has proven to be invaluable when diagnosing issues often caused by the interaction of different products. This structured collaboration is one of the reasons that our Time-to-Resolution is approximately 25% faster than Microsoft.

As hybrid cloud goes vertical in 2023, Microsoft enterprise support continues to grow in complexity. Rare are the days an on-premise Microsoft technology doesn’t interact with or have a dependency on a Microsoft Cloud service. Overlaying a Microsoft healthcare or financial services vertical solution further complicates an enterprise’s Microsoft support requirements. Integrated support teams are key to reducing Microsoft infrastructure down time and delivering a better end user experience.


Dedicated Resourcing and Escalation Teams

Not all US Cloud engineers are simply working Microsoft Enterprise Support tickets. We have specialized engineering teams that triage critical situations (CritSit), assess, and route tickets to the best resource for that particular Microsoft technology and severity level. This team also monitors all Microsoft Enterprise Support tickets and receives alerts from the US Cloud ticket system to ensure SLA compliance and client satisfaction.

US Cloud also has some of our most experienced Microsoft Enterprise Support and senior engineers on our dedicated Escalation Desk. Other US Cloud Problem Resolution Support (PRS) engineers can escalate overly-complex support tickets to this high-performance team if resolution velocity slows or stalls. The US Cloud Escalation Desk operates within our time-bound SLA frameworks to ensure the fastest ticket resolution and escalations to Microsoft.

DSE’s Available for All Technologies

US Cloud can provide Dedicated Support Engineers (DSE’s) for any Microsoft product category or use case. We have senior DSE’s on staff for major technologies like Azure, M365, SQL, SCCM, AD, Dynamics, and many others. These experts offer unparalleled expertise and dedicated support for your enterprise’s most important Microsoft products through on-demand advisory, system assessments, hands-on engagements or Microsoft consultative services.

Microsoft DSE’s exist separately from their Unified Support operations. US Cloud DSE’s, by design, are deeply integrated with our break-fix engineers and act as escalation points within their areas of expertise. As a result, these senior-level practitioners get a more holistic view of an enterprise’s IT environment and can offer key strategic recommendations to avoid future outages. We also have access to hundreds of top-tier experts through our proprietary Elite Microsoft Partner Network. Regardless of your need, we can provide high-level DSE and advisory support for your most critical Microsoft technologies and largest projects.

Fortune 500 enterprises prefer TAM over CSAM

Microsoft Enterprises: TAM Better Than CSAM

As Microsoft continues to swap its Technical Account Managers (TAM) for lower-cost Customer Service Account Managers (CSAM), US Cloud is going the opposite direction by continuing to invest in TAMs – many of which had long tenures at Microsoft. Enterprises small to large have spoken; 3 out of 4 Microsoft Enterprise Support clients at US Cloud feel that TAMs are essential to their long-term IT success.

True Technical Account Managers deliver a higher level of Microsoft support by interfacing between your internal IT team and the US Cloud Premier Support team. This role is all about service delivery management. As the conduit between your organization and our global support resources, the TAM will manage your Microsoft technology stack via a range of activities related to improving the operational health and efficiency of your enterprise IT.

Microsoft Technical Account Manager TAM vs CSAM
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