Leadership Team Spotlights.

Meet the dynamic leadership team at US Cloud

Get to know the leaders at US Cloud who are driving operational and financial efficiencies for hundreds of Microsoft enterprises across the globe. Examine the DNA of US Cloud leadership building the exceptional teams that Gartner recognizes as the trailblazer and “#1 Microsoft support alternative” in the world.

US Cloud leadership team
Matt Harris
Matt Harris

Matt Harris is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of US Cloud, the only independent provider of Microsoft Support currently recognized by Gartner.  A senior executive in the software and tech services space for over 25 years, Matt served over a decade as a senior executive at American Express payments before successful entrepreneurial stints in multiple tech start-ups and international SaaS software. He has primarily focused on technology and service solutions aimed at helping large enterprises reduce costs. In addition to his extensive practical experience, Matt also earned his MBA from Washington University’s Olin School of Business.

With over 550 organizations making the switch to US Cloud in just the last 24 months, we earned recognition as an INC 5000 Fastest Growing Company in 2020, 2021 and again in 2024 — and we expect to double in size again in 2024. Simply put, US Cloud continues to be a trailblazer that is dedicated to providing high-quality, fanatical Microsoft Support at prices that companies of all sizes can afford.”

Chad Rust
Chad Rust

Chad Rust is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of US Cloud, the only independent provider of Microsoft Support currently recognized by Gartner. A technical trailblazer with nearly three decades of experience in technology and software development. His passion for innovation merges coding expertise, software design, and team leadership, particularly in the ever-evolving DevOps arena. His journey boasts significant achievements, notably the creation of a pioneering SaaS product, honored with Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Innovation Award. Chad’s leadership has guided teams around the world, resulting in groundbreaking products generating millions in revenue. As a revered figure in technology, Chad’s expertise spans over two decades focused on the Microsoft technology stack. He’s a veteran in building cloud-native applications in the Azure environment.

“At US Cloud we are intrinsically motivated to assist in making the customer more successful in the utilization of their technology stack. We value innovation and are driven to constantly improve. These values coupled with our collaborative approach to finding solutions, results in the best possible outcomes for our customers.”

Scott Sinak
Scott Sinak

Scott Sinak is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of US Cloud, the only independent provider of Microsoft Support currently recognized by Gartner. A payments industry expert of over 20 years, Scott has been honing his leadership and customer experience skills alongside some of the best at Mastercard and Discover Financial. His focus on customer satisfaction has driven him to deliver fanatical customer support and find new ways to craft a welcoming customer environment. From coordinating domestic and global 24×7 support at Mastercard to overseeing all client operations at US Cloud, Scott continues to innovate client support.

“Our intent as a service provider is to become a valuable partner with regards to the customer’s use of the Microsoft tech stack. Our customers don’t need yet another vendor/customer relationship. They need a trusted partner, and that is why our business model is different from other providers.”

Robert Perez
Robert Perez

Robert Perez is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of US Cloud, the only independent provider of Microsoft Support currently recognized by Gartner. Robert is a Sales professional with over two decades of sales and revenue experience. He has held Presidential and Managing Partner positions in previous companies, with extensive experience in rapid revenue growth and management. Robert oversees and optimizes operations, marketing, sales, corporate development, pricing, and revenue management across US Cloud to continue the company’s upward trajectory.

“US Cloud is in existence because businesses need and deserve a viable option in the market for supporting Microsoft environments. Our customer first approach gives our clients the support and relationship that is required for supporting business critical application.”

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
VP Product Development

Mike Jones is the Vice President (VP) of Product Development of US Cloud, the only independent provider of Microsoft Support currently recognized by Gartner. With nearly two and a half decades of Microsoft products experience under his belt, Mike is just as adept a sales professional as he is the Microsoft expert. With skills across all Microsoft solution areas, he is well-versed in Microsoft products and how they can best be utilized for clients.  Example area include Collaboration Solutions, Networking, Data Center, System Deployment, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Mike has experience working within the private sector, partner sector, and government sectors. Due to his expertise and knowledge in all Microsoft offerings, he is well equipped to understand areas of need for all customer’s Microsoft environments spanning all sectors globally.

“We listen to our enterprise clients each and every day in order to better support them over the entire Microsoft lifecycle. US Cloud partners with our clients to evolve with their Microsoft support needs. We stand behind our clients and our own teams to give them what they need to grow and succeed.”

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