DSE Spotlights.

Meet some of the Designated Support Engineering stars at US Cloud

Designated Support Engineers (DSEs) at US Cloud are the proactive consultants that help our enterprise clients get through some of their greatest Microsoft support challenges. Meet just a few of our team members who make the magic happen and gain a better understanding on what the role provides. Read on to see how enterprises are using US Cloud DSEs to supplement operational resources, increase deployment success rates, and prevent mission-critical downtime.

US Cloud DSE spotlight
Christopher Nurse
We use our experience to support our clients at a higher level than any other department because we have such a close connection to our clients. We are their trusted advisor.
- Christopher Nurse
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Ned Rynearson
My goal is not just to meet client requirements, but to set them up for success with the services provided.
- Ned Rynearson
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Cliff Hughs
Our DSE role lets us know our clients. We’ve gotten to know them, we know how their environments operate, we have all the information we need to get to the heart of the problem right away.
- Cliff Hughs
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Rob Lundquist
I’m very focused on customer service and I love building relationships, not only gaining trust as far as technology goes, but knowing that they respect your opinions and insights means a lot to me.
- Rob Lundquist
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Robert Burnett
I get a chance to help clients overcome their struggles and get to know them on a personal and professional level, which is something you don’t get with most roles.
- Robert Burnett
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Rodney Fournier
We can become an integral part of a client's ecosystem and help them design, implement, maintain, and forecast their systems and configurations.
- Rodney Fournier
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How Enterprises Use US Cloud Designated Support Engineers (DSE)

Enterprises that rely on Microsoft software for their most business critical technology operations use US Cloud DSEs to supplement operational resources, partner for successful deployments and migrations, and fix recurring problems to reduce mission-critical downtime. DSEs help reduce the risks of costly IT service disruptions and take your enterprise’s IT support to the next level by shifting it from reactive to proactive.

Supplement and enhance your operational resources with deep Microsoft expertise
US Cloud DSEs lets you choose remote support by Microsoft technology, depending on your needs. Each DSE engagement is focused on a particular Microsoft technology, combining deep technical knowledge, experience and exclusive access to internal Microsoft resources with the unique understanding of needs and expectations derived from aligning with your ongoing US Cloud Premier Support engagement.

Partner with US Cloud DSEs for successful deployments and migrations
Deploy, upgrade, or migrate to the latest Microsoft technologies with more confidence knowing that DSE resources have reviewed existing architectural and configuration plans and made appropriate recommendations to ensure success. Current and Future State Reviews provide a detailed assessment of a product’s current or planned configuration with recommendations on best practices for your business scenario that can help significantly reduce the time needed for successful deployments or migrations.

Fix recurring problems to prevent mission-critical downtime
Preventing problems is more difficult than resolving them, but it’s also far more cost effective. Our specialized and highly experienced DSEs are adept at isolating root causes and determining the best course of action to take to prevent future occurrences. US Cloud DSE experts have access to the latest information and resources from Microsoft as well as from real-world best practices. Combined with their deep expertise and experience, this gives them the tools they need to identify and correct underlying issues with your technology, and keep your enterprise running at maximum performance.

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