Guaranteed 30% Savings on Support

You will save 30% on your Unified Support bill, but get ready for more

New clients are often skeptical of how US Cloud can provide support for the full Microsoft stack at prices that are 30-50% less than Unified Support. But today, our proven support model underpins hundreds of Microsoft-centric enterprises around the world 24/7/365, with five-year savings of over $935 million. Reduce your Microsoft support spend to free up funds to invest in innovation, create competitive advantage, and drive growth.

How We Drive Savings

US Cloud is a Microsoft Support specialist, with streamlined operations headquartered in the Midwestern United States. Because Microsoft support is our entire business, not just another service line, we have been able to drive significant efficiencies and scale into our operations. We are privately owned and reinvest 100% of profits back into engineering, automation, and quality improvement initiatives.

Simply put, we are completely fanatical about providing high-quality Microsoft support at an affordable price.


US Cloud offers “Rate Lock” as a standard benefit in your service agreement. This means that you pay the same rate for additional service hours with no penalty — up to 50% of your original annual purchase. Rate Lock allows US Cloud clients to estimate conservatively when buying support hours, without the uncertainty and potential loss of savings if they need more break-fix support or proactive project support later in the year. More affordable support, crucial flexibility, and lower risk. That is Rate Lock.

Long-Term Cost Creep with Unified

IT Procurement leaders are sometimes able to absorb the first 12-15% increase during year one by using SA credits or other one-time discounts to blunt the rate hike. They may even look the other way for year 2 and absorb another 20-30% increase. But by year 3, many are faced with an effective 30-45% increase that shows no sign of slowing. Projections for Unified Support customers routinely forecast 170% to 485% higher costs vs. Premier Support over 5 years.

By switching to US Cloud, companies save 2x-5x on support over a five-year period. And because you only buy the hours you need, IT leaders get the benefit of support cost predictability which aids in long-term planning and budgeting.

Quick Quote

US Cloud can turn around a quote in 24 hours following a 30-minute discovery call or with access to 12 months of your break-fix and ticket activity logs. A small investment in time can give your organization valuable information and real choice for your Microsoft Support.

Even if you are just getting a quote to use as leverage in your Microsoft resubscription negotiations, we are happy to help. In 2023, Microsoft has dropped their Unified pricing in response to a US Cloud competitive quote a whopping 84% of the time. We are a credible replacement and they know it. Use it to your advantage.

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Save 30-50% with US Cloud

Enterprises worldwide are replacing Microsoft with US Cloud to save 30-50% on MS Premier/Unified support costs.

Enjoy faster, 24/7 fanatical global Microsoft support from domestic US teams while freeing up funds to invest in innovation, create competitive advantage, and drive growth.