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US Cloud customer satisfaction continues to climb, with our commitment to quality engineering, ultra-responsiveness, and operational performance metrics pushing continuous improvement. The industry's only contractual SLA’s and performance guarantees back up our promises for faster, better client service and a proven ability to provide technical support parity with Microsoft.
Enterprise Microsoft Support Subscription Plans

15 Minute Response Guaranteed

US Cloud’s average initial response time in 2021 was 7.3 minutes. We have gotten it down to 6.5 minutes in 2022. US Cloud has a financially backed, contractual guarantee of 15 minutes or less before you hear from a US Cloud Engineer after submitting a ticket. For every ticket. All severities. Any time. Day or night.

In a world where Microsoft has switched from “response time SLA’s” to watered-down terms like response “goals” and “targets,” it’s nice to know you are not going to get ghosted by US Cloud when you need support.

Resolution 25% Faster than Microsoft

When comparing Time to Resolution, US Cloud is on average 25% faster than Microsoft. Thanks to our deep bench of 100% US-based Senior Engineers averaging almost 17 years’ experience with Microsoft Technologies, we resolve 85% of tickets in-house. This in-house expertise, combined with our fanatical commitment to customer service, translates to faster TTR for you – on all severities.

Microsoft Unified, on the other hand, is plagued by worsening Time to Resolution. Even mission-critical, high severity tickets are now taking weeks instead of days to resolve because Microsoft doesn’t have enough qualified engineers to handle them. Fed-up companies in desperate need of quicker resolution times are turning to US Cloud because we deliver what Microsoft can’t.

Rapid Microsoft Support Escalations

The ability to quickly escalate tickets to Microsoft when necessary (tenant access, bugs, extreme edge-cases) is vital for any third-party support provider. US Cloud uses gold-standard Premier Support for Partners agreements to quickly involve Microsoft for the 10%-15% of tickets that need their involvement. Other partners say that they can escalate to Microsoft, but are using much lower and slower support paths. Our engineers stay with you throughout the escalation, coordinating (and sometimes badgering) Microsoft resources on your behalf. We pass through engineering hours at the same price as your other US Cloud support hours – no upcharge.

US Cloud is also the only Microsoft support provider offering a critical Service Level Agreement (SLA) to its enterprise customers, further solidifying its position as the only viable alternative to Microsoft Unified. US Cloud, is the first to offer a time-bound automated escalation process for all ticket severities with an aggressive SLA behind it. The US Cloud Escalation SLA is financially backed, just like our Initial Response Time guarantee, and standard in all US Cloud Premier Support service agreements.

100% USA -- Support Sovereignty

US Cloud guarantees that support for our Federal, state, local government, DoD and aerospace clients only involve 100% screened US-citizens, based in the USA. This “Support Sovereignty” avoids needless risk of foreign nationals having access to secure IT systems while providing MSFT support.

And because we built our entire organization to be Support Sovereign for our government customers, all of our clients get the benefit of 100% domestic, USA-based support. ZERO client data or information leaves US shores and we NEVER use offshore resources for your support. In contrast, Microsoft Unified Support depends heavily on outsourced and offshore resources. Look at your Microsoft Support tickets. If email signatures from MSFT support engineers contain a “V -” prefix for either the sender or cc’d supervisor, that means it is a third-party vendor. If there is an “A -” it indicates a temporary employee.

Microsoft is unable to guarantee a foreign national will not provide your Microsoft Unified Support on any given ticket. In December 2019, the massive Microsoft support data breach resulted in thousands of Microsoft Premier Support customers system information, logs and tickets being exposed. There is a good chance that some of the system intel gleaned from the data breach increased the success of several recent high profile Microsoft hacks in 2021.

It may be counter-intuitive to think of US Cloud as a SAFER support partner than the OEM, but we have purposely baked high-levels of security into our support model from the start.

Highly Satisfied Customers

Every ticket US Cloud resolves is followed by an automated survey to the client asking for feedback on how we did.  We measure overall satisfaction, time to resolve, quality of the resolution, and personal treatment by US Cloud personnel.

For the last three years running we have seen double-digit increases in our end-users’ satisfaction, with an average overall rating of 4.3 / 5 stars in 2023.

20+ Years of Microsoft Experience

Before becoming an independent provider, we spent 20+ years in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) as a top 10 global Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Today’s US Cloud is a continuation of decades of Microsoft support experience and hands-on managed services.

Our senior management all have deep experience in tech services and Microsoft products, while our average engineer boasts over 12 years of Microsoft technical experience — many of which are also former Microsoft employees. We have resolved over 100,000 tickets for our Microsoft clients and have core competencies in every Microsoft product category.

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