Financial Services Case Study #2 - US Cloud Microsoft Support

US Cloud Premier Support Questions from Banks and Financial Services.

Here are some aggregated questions from financial services and banking enterprises who who recently switched from Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support to US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Support Services.

    1. Are Premier Support hours measured for email correspondences? If so, how are they tracked? 

      No – we only measure the time we work on the ticket.  We do not measure the time in an email or voicemail correspondence where we are waiting for response.

    2. I see that US Cloud Premier Support specifically includes support of Windows, SQL Server, IIS and Azure.  Does this infer that Windows sub-components such as Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Edge, IE are supported as well? 

      Yes – we support the Microsoft stack of technologies on the server (.NET, Windows Communication Framework, Windows Load Balancer, Active Directory Federation Services, etc.), just like Microsoft Premier (Unified) support services.

    3. From our conversation, we understand that US Cloud Premier Support does not cover Visual Studio.  Our development work includes SQL database performance tuning.  We foresee needing support with resolving challenging performance tuning issues.  Is this an area in which US Cloud can help us with support in this area? 

      Yes – we do not support issues related to a developer’s Visual Studio environment as most integrated development environments (IDEs) leverage a number of third party plugins outside the scope of support.  Database performance tuning is performed through the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) which is a standard service we can assist with.  As part of our proactive work, our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) can coordinate a RAP (Remote Assessment Project) for the target environment as part of the quarterly business plan (QBR) process.

    4. It is not uncommon for a Microsoft patch or change to our systems to result in an unintended non-Visual Studio environmental issue.  Can US Cloud Premier Support help us with resolving product fixes, enhancements and new features introduced by Microsoft?

      Yes – we will work with the client on identifying the incompatibilities between various builds that are introduced as new features and releases happen with the toolset.

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