Microsoft Mission Critical Support.


Microsoft mission critical support gives your business the fastest available response and resolution times to reduce critical Microsoft enterprise system downtime.

Microsoft Mission Critical Support

What is Microsoft Mission Critical Support?

Microsoft mission critical support ensures business continuity of your organization’s most important systems with the highest level of Microsoft support.

You have Microsoft systems on which your business depends completely. But, those systems are complex and every change requires orchestration and expertise to prevent issues before they happen. Your business success is directly tied to the strength and stability of your Microsoft systems and cloud services.

This is especially true for your business and mission critical solutions. With Microsoft Mission Critical Support, you receive Microsoft’s highest level of support to help ensure higher performance and uptime of your critical solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

What is Microsoft Mission Critical Support

MS mission critical support benefits

Benefits of Microsoft Mission Critical Support

Microsoft Mission Critical Support benefits ensure that your critical issues receive the timely attention they need so your IT staff can spend less time fixing problems and more time making productive use of your technology.

#1 Engage a model for the evolution and improvement of your Microsoft environment to address business continuity requirements

#2 Receive the highest level of support from Microsoft for business and mission critical solutions through a coordinated effort and comprehensive view

#3 Establish an integrated and programmatic approach to help ensure consistent service delivery around Microsoft expertise

#4 Reduce Microsoft cloud and system downtime and operational risk through a holistic and proactive approach

#5 Engage an expert team familiar with your unique enterprise and your Microsoft environment inter-dependencies

#6 Get the fastest severity 1/A incident-response times for your solution available from Microsoft experts

Assess with Microsoft Mission Critical Support

Microsoft technology experts use a structured Microsoft methodology to reach your IT health objectives across people, process and technology.

Discovery Assessment
Receive a tailored set of discovery sessions to gain alignment of enterprise, technology and project details for your Microsoft system. Each Discovery Session fulfills a distinct purpose and specific output to ensure knowledge and documentation transfer to the Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team. This helps to onboard you as a Microsoft Mission Critical Support customer and ensures the Microsoft Mission Critical Support team specialists are prepared to support your organization.

Security Assessment
Avoid security compromises on systems and in network environments using supported Microsoft operating systems and services. Microsoft security experts make recommendations based on the latest official guidance from Microsoft. We compare each configuration to the latest and most relevant Microsoft guidance; any gaps or deviation from the standards are recorded. You receive a final report with gaps, recommendations, official references, evidence and a security scorecard of the environment.

Optimization Assessment
Identify possible issues and risks affecting uptime and stability. Spanning the entire Review phase, this assessment results in key action identification to help both you and the Microsoft Mission Critical Support team track the progress throughout the support lifecycle. A High-Level Survey helps the Microsoft experts gain insight into the people, process and technologies associated with your enterprise. A Dedicated Discovery Session helps you and the Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team understand the current state and the desired state for optimizing your Microsoft environment.

Supportability Assessment
Determine key problem areas which may affect your enterprise and its supportability. Based on the outputs of the first three Assessments, the Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team documents key issues and the areas of your environment which can be optimally supported by Microsoft Mission Critical Support. This helps ensure the right level of support. The team also maps out key areas of your cloud services and systems which may require remediation, enhancements or new processes. You receive a customized Support Delivery Plan and a report spread sheet with finished, current and future work on your Microsoft critical systems. 

Microsoft mission critical support assessment

Microsoft Premier Mission Critical Support - Maintenance

Maintain with Microsoft Mission Critical Support

Maintain continuity by taking a proactive approach to IT and your Microsoft environment.

Achieve the performance and reliability you need with strong collaboration between Microsoft experts and your team. We deploy a highly collaborative model for training and service delivery. This provides knowledge transfer, readiness, and learning for your IT team. Your designated Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team works with you through all phases of Microsoft Mission Critical Support delivery and builds on their knowledge of your solution. 

Prevent downtime and lower cost over time by implementing proactive services that leverage a prescriptive approach and Microsoft-maintenance best practices. With a focus on maintaining a healthy environment across people, process and technology, your Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team resolves many issues before they become problems.

Premier Mission Critical DSE
A Designated Support Engineer (DSE) facilitates the maintenance services and learns your Microsoft environment thoroughly. DSEs are specialists in MS technologies who are familiar with your Microsoft cloud services and on-premise systems. The Microsoft Mission Critical Support DSE works in collaboration with the Microsoft Mission Critical Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) as necessary to provide maintenance services.

Premier Mission Critical Proactive Services
Receive proactive services including tools and troubleshooting, proactive advice and guidance and follow-on reviews remotely. 
Additional proactive services include delivery of Risk Assessment Programs (RAPs), HealthChecks (HCs), and/or Workshops (WSs). RAPs and HCs are designed to help identify current and future problems that could occur in a given environment based on Microsoft best practices and help minimize the occurrence of critical support incidents.

Microsoft mission critical support - restore service

Restore with Microsoft Mission Critical Support

Limit potential downtime and restore business operations with the fastest Microsoft support available.

Microsoft Mission Critical Support offers the fastest response times available from Microsoft experts, helping to ensure Premier Critical Support customers are provided with the highest level of Microsoft support available 24/7 worldwide. As a Microsoft Mission Critical Support customer, you receive accelerated access to senior support engineers working to restore your system quickly. Restore services provide:

Immediate access to Senior Support Engineers
Escalation begins with a designated Microsoft Mission Critical Support Team who has deep knowledge of your enterprise’s Microsoft environment.

Full Microsoft stack support
Premier Critical Support provides support for all business critical Microsoft technologies in use by your organization.

Increased executive visibility
If an incident has been open for 4 hours without resolution, the incident information is sent to executives in the Premier Support group. This transparency brings considerable urgency to incidents open for more than 4 hours.

15-minute response time backed by financial credits
For every severity 1/A incident, the team provides a 15-minute response time any hour of the day. This action is backed by financial credits based on the percentage of incidents in which the SLA is met or missed.

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