In 2019 and 2020 more than 30% of all Microsoft Premier Support customers have dropped the service each year.

This is about 25,000 Microsoft business customers who a) have moved to another platform like Google b) think Premier is too expensive c) rely on a local MSP d) are buying incidents via Microsoft Professional

The minimum spend for Microsoft Premier (now Unified) Support is $25,000 per year. For many small businesses that rely on Microsoft products to run their business, MSFT Premier Support has become cost-prohibitive and they simply can’t justify the price.

“Many former MSFT Premier Support customers are now suffering from extended wait times of outsourced support via Microsoft pay per incidents or the limited Microsoft expertise of their local Managed Service Provider (MSP).  However, there is an affordable alternative, US Cloud.”

Robert E. LaMear IVRobert E. LaMear IV, CEO, US CLOUD

Microsoft Pay Per Incident Not Working

Businesses who can’t afford the $25k minimum for Microsoft Premier are left with seemingly few choices. Many choose to go it alone relying on their typically 1-3 man IT team to augment their knowledge with Microsoft Pay Per Incidents, also known as Microsoft Professional Support. Unfortunately, this is lowest tier of MSFT paid support and does NOT cover any cloud services such as Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, or Teams. Businesses using Pay Per Incident often report frustration in initial response time, quality of engineers (mostly outsourced overseas) handling the incident, and time to resolution often surpassing 30 days.

Local MSPs Lack Microsoft Expertise

Many businesses are already working with a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) for desktop support and backup services. Once a company makes their decision to drop Microsoft Premier Support they naturally look to their MSP to carry the load. Unfortunately, most MSPs don’t have the wide and deep Microsoft expertise to support 25+ Microsoft products spread across on-premise and Cloud platforms. Let alone the ability to quickly escalate to MSFT during a critical incident and have it resolved in hours as opposed to days.

MSFT Support Made AffordableMicrosoft Premier Support Made Affordable

There are two problems with Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support according to small and medium business (SMB) IT leaders. First, the $25,000 entry point is not attractive because of its diminishing quality and responsiveness.

Second, pre-paying the entire amount upfront during an economic downturn is a non-starter. They would all prefer a month-to-month payment similar to their MSP or Office 365 bill.

Go US Cloud to Keep Your Cash

Go US Cloud Premier Support to Save Your Business CashUS Cloud addresses both financial issues for SMB customers. First, with a significantly lower entry point of $15,000 compared to Microsoft’s $25,000. But more importantly, by allowing SMB customers to finance the service and pay month-to-month.

For example, the entry-level $15k Premier Support would only be $1,375 per month for 12 months. This allows businesses to keep their cash and have 24/7 access to the same enterprise-grade Microsoft support at US Cloud that Garmin, Siemens, Quest Diagnostics and the US State Department have come to rely on.

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US CLOUD - The Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support Alternative

US Cloud is the proven leader in providing reputable Microsoft support to businesses and enterprises world-wide. We enable Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support customers to enjoy ultra-responsive support from US citizens, save 30% to 50% on support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.