Leading Global Banks Replace Microsoft Unified Support with US Cloud

Leading Global Banks Replace Microsoft Unified Support with US Cloud.

Leading Global Banks Replace Microsoft Unified Support with US Cloud

Leading Global Banks Replace Microsoft Unified Support with US Cloud
3 of the 5 largest banks in the UK chose US Cloud as a replacement for Microsoft’s Unified Support in 2023.

Banking Crisis Moves Financial Services Industry Into Cost-Cutting Mode

Just in the past few months, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank have failed. Their combined assets surpassed those held by the 25 banks (when adjusted for inflation) that collapsed at the height of the financial crisis.

Rapidly rising interest rates create perilous conditions for banks because of a basic principle: The longer the duration of an investment, the more sensitive it is to changes in interest rates. When interest rates rise, the assets that banks hold to generate a return on their investment fall in value. And because the banks’ liabilities — like its deposits, which customers can withdraw at any time — usually are shorter in duration, they fall by less. Thus, increases in interest rates can deplete a bank’s equity and risk leaving it with more liabilities than assets.

Banking crisis moves financial services into cost cutting mode

Supporting the World’s Financial Capital Microsoft Technologies

The United Kingdom (UK) is the highest net exporter of financial services in the world. London, with its convenient time zone, use of English and trimmed-back regulations is the global financial capital.

As the heart of the international monetary system, the largest banks in the world have a strong presence in London. And in 2023 several moved from Microsoft to US Cloud for comprehensive support of their Microsoft technologies.

Matthew Harris - CEO - US Cloud

Matthew Harris – CEO – US Cloud

Q1 2022 we were having exploratory conversations with many financial institutions about working with them in 2023. The banking crisis seems to have caused the vast majority of our financial services clients to aggressively cut costs this year.

-Matthew Harris, CEO, US Cloud

Leading Banks Rush to Optimize Microsoft Software Costs

As interest rates move to a 15 year-high, banks globally have lost trillions of dollars in market value of their assets compared to their book value. This decline in the value of equity sets the stage for bank runs. Commercial real estate loans coming due are another are of concern for global banks. With lower occupancy rates post-Covid, the value of commercial properties is estimated to have dropped by one-third. Many of these loans are coming due in the next few years, and refinancing them at higher rates naturally increases the risk of default. The mounting risks have resulted in operating budget pressure, notwithstanding 2023 and 2024 IT budgets.

Many global banks are placing increasing reliance on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. As their consumption of Microsoft cloud services grow, so too does their MS Unified Enterprise Support bill, typically 10% year over year. Gartner historically has found that leading enterprises respond rapidly to cut costs during a crisis and benefit the most post-crisis.

Banks optimize IT costs with US Cloud Microsoft support

Top 4 Concerns of Banks Replacing Microsoft Unified with US Cloud

  1. Ramp up speed – Will we lose time getting your resources familiar with our environments, projects, and open tickets?
    Answer: US Cloud uses a 3 phased approach for a smooth transition of ticket workload, and client environment / project discovery. First, during the onboarding process US Cloud and the client triage and prioritize the existing tickets open with Microsoft. Second, the US Cloud TAM engages US Cloud DSEs for discovery related to any open and high priority tickets. Third, the US Cloud TAM engages a PM and DSEs regarding any open or near horizon projects. Express Onboarding is available to expedite as needed.
  2. Quality – With Microsoft, they wrote the code. How can you compete with that level of knowledge?
    Answer: US Cloud does not have access to Microsoft source code. About 5% of our total ticket count needs to be escalated to Microsoft product teams for code bug fixes or tenant issues. We are able to resolve most issues because of our Microsoft certified US citizen engineers and elite MSP network. US Cloud has 20 years of experience hosting MSFT technologies from our global data centers so we aren’t new to running a successful 24/7 help desk and NOC. Our elite MSP network is comprised of the world’s top 1% of Microsoft Gold Partners to augment our team and assist with project service delivery.Some are still not aware that a good portion of Microsoft Premier/Unified is outsourced to foreign entities Wipro and Tata. This decision supports Microsoft’s singular focus on selling software licenses/growing cloud services from its own data centers. The maintenance and support of these services is ancillary and a distraction. However, the support of Microsoft technologies is US Cloud’s primary focus. A large multi-national enterprise who replaced MSFT in Q3 2020 reported that US Cloud is “more responsive, professional and hits their SLAs.” IT leaders were satisfied with performance, procurement saved 31% and compliance appreciated US citizens on the other end of the phone.
  3. Availability – We know our DSEs and Microsoft account team. Will we have the same level of access to US Cloud resources?
    Answer: The short answer is yes. During an interview with the St. Louis Business Journal, the CEO of US Cloud was asked what he looks for in a hire. “When you look at the US Cloud DNA you’ll find everyone is smart, passionate, curious and truly cares. It’s surprisingly hard to find that last trait, but it’s been our secret sauce since day 1.” US Cloud is a relationship-based business. Our clients are the business – you will get to know your TAM, CSR, DSEs and account manager well and they’re ready to support you when you need it most. We promise to listen, be responsive and act in your best interest.
  4. Escalation – Is there an escalation path for mission critical and highly technical issues?
    Answer: Yes. US Cloud has a variety of avenues available to escalate tickets to Microsoft or the product teams. These avenues include our elite MSP network, MSFT Professional support and MSFT Premier Support for partners. Feel free to ask your TAM or US Cloud account manager for the US Cloud Ticket Escalation Workflow document so you and your enterprise team can understand the details.
Robert E. LaMear IV - CEO, US CLOUD

Robert E. LaMear IV – Founder, US Cloud

US Cloud is seeing unprecedented urgency from Global 2,000 and Fortune 500 organizations to replace Microsoft Unified with US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Support Services.

-Robert E. LaMear IV, Founder, US Cloud

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