US Cloud Microsoft Support Reseller Program expands to MS CSPs

Microsoft Premier/Unified Support Alternative US Cloud Expands Reseller Program to CSPs.

US Cloud Microsoft Support Reseller Program Expands to CSPs

US Cloud Microsoft Support Reseller Program expands to MS CSPs
St. Louis, MO – May 5, 2023: US Cloud today formally announced the expansion of the US Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Support – Reseller Program, a channel program that makes it easy for VARs, MSPs and now CSPs to resell US Cloud’s third-party competing and alternative to Microsoft Premier/Unified Support.

We’ve gotten a ton of interest from Microsoft resellers and managed IT providers worldwide over the last five years. Now Microsoft’s Cloud solution Providers (CSP) are joining to kill two birds with one stone. Internally they need the L1-L4 support coverage for the mandated Microsoft help desk requirement of being a CSP. US Cloud covers the skills gaps so they can grow responsibly. On the seller side of the house CSPs can address their clients’ growing frustration with Microsoft Premier/Unified Support’s support quality and year-over-year price increases. The Premier/Unified savings their clients realize frees up funds for more projects or licensing with the CSP. And US Cloud pays the CSP year after year for the referral, with zero-time investment.

— Robert Perez, Chief Revenue Officer, US CLOUD


Overview – US Cloud Microsoft Support Reseller Program

VARs, MSPs, and CSPs who partner with US Cloud to provide Microsoft Enterprise Support can resell or refer to their clients, choosing the method that works best for their organization. US Cloud provides all Premier Support Resellers with technical support from a 24/7 help desk for all Microsoft technologies, as well as access to marketing materials and a dedicated program team to help close deals.

Benefits of Reselling US Cloud Microsoft Support

  • Helping VARs, MSPs, and CSPs build recurring revenue
  • Slashing Microsoft enterprise software support costs
  • Reducing enterprise’s Microsoft Premier/Unified Support frustration
  • Freeing up Enterprise IT budgets for more strategic projects and licensing

VARs, MSPs, and CSPs Build Recurring Revenue, Slash Enterprise’s Microsoft Support Costs

It’s hero-level stuff when you can go to an enterprise with an option that saves them hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars while also addressing a major pain-point. And by the way, partners can also finally get commissions on a Microsoft service line previously unavailable to them. It’s a big win-win for our Channel Partners.

— Robert Perez, Chief Revenue Officer, US CLOUD

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