Download the 2023 Independent Enterprise Guide to Microsoft Unified Support - Compiled by US Cloud

2023 Independent Guide to Microsoft Unified Support.

Microsoft Unified Support Overview for 2023

The 2023 Independent Guide to Microsoft Unified Support
The 2023 Independent Enterprise Guide to Microsoft Unified Support - Compiled by US Cloud
Microsoft Unified Support is touted as a substantial upgrade from its previous iteration in Premier. While the update to unlimited hours is an enticing draw to some businesses, a shift to lower service quality and higher costs causes a rift between Microsoft and its support customers.

Unified Support is a multifaceted service and understanding each element presented will give your business the means to protect yourself from overspending or losing out on technical assistance.

It’s unfortunately common for the Unified Support prices to increase 20-300% within one year. Additional increases of 10% in year two and 30% or more in year three will leave businesses wondering where all their money is going, especially with the drop in support quality.

Tips and Tricks to Managing Your Microsoft Relationship

Negotiating with Microsoft sounds more intimidating than it needs to be. Pressing them on hidden fees, security, and time extensions, if necessary, will go a long way in keeping Microsoft accountable and you in charge.

If Microsoft isn’t budging on certain points, an independent third-party alternative is a better option.
Audit your Microsoft Support Agreement at least three months prior to a Unified renewal so you understand how the price is calculated. If Microsoft doesn’t offer up the information you need in a timely manner, you then have time to escalate as needed.

While Microsoft may make and sell the services, their support is lacking. Each year, more and more clients report deteriorating Microsoft Support. You are met with increased response times, more offshore and outsourced support, and all for a more expensive package. If Microsoft is unable to give you a definitive picture of what their support structure looks like, it may be time to search elsewhere.

Alternative Measures to MS Unified

The alternatives to Unified Support lie with Microsoft SAB Support, independent third-party providers, and larger system integrators.

SAB is slower, provides limited escalation, and no proactive support. Large system integrators offer strategic skills and support gap fills but are slow to move on any support tickets. Third-party alternatives offer a lack of references, limited escalation options, and a wide variety of proactive and reactive support.

While these options may sound limiting, a mature third-party support partner like US Cloud offers comprehensive support that compares to some parts of Microsoft’s own support structure while exceeding others. For a more detailed account of what Microsoft Unified is lacking and how you can take care of yourself during negotiations to make the most of the situation, you can download the 2023 Independent Guide to Microsoft Unified. If you’re looking for consistent solutions beyond Microsoft’s doorstep, US Cloud can help.

US Cloud is the only third-party Microsoft support provider recognized by Gartner. We help our clients save 30-50% on their support with five times faster response times. No loss of quality or expertise, managed Microsoft escalations, 15-minute response times, and all managed by experienced, US-domestic professionals. When you think of quality Microsoft support, think US Cloud.

Download the 2023 Guide to Unified Support

Download the 2023 Independent Enterprise Guide to Microsoft Unified Support - Compiled by US Cloud
Download the 2023 Independent Enterprise Guide to Microsoft Unified Support - Compiled by US Cloud

Enterprise IT leaders and sourcing and procurement teams will do well to shed some light on Microsoft Unified Support in 2023.

Microsoft-centric enterprises should download the 2023 Independent Guide to Microsoft Unified Support to start improving support quality and saving now.

Contents of the 2023 Unified Support Guide include:

  • Unified Support Program Details
  • Hidden Costs of Cloud Adoption
  • Negotiation Details & Tactics
  • 8 Steps to Audit Your Unified Agreement
  • Software Assurance
  • Alternatives to Unified Support
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