The power of U.S. domestic engineers in Microsoft support

The Power of U.S. Domestic Engineers in Microsoft Support.

The Power of U.S. Domestic Engineers Delivering Your Microsoft Support

Your enterprise needs U.S. domestic engineers for its Microsoft support. Get ready to increase operational efficiency by up to 25% while your compliance team can rest easy with U.S. data sovereignty assurance, all while saving 50% with US Cloud.

Microsoft claims that it has your best interests in mind when it comes to supporting your tech stack. They sell you Premier/Unified support with promises of handling all your tickets with the highest degree of expertise and the fastest resolution times possible. You would assume that all these claims are backed up by a team of US-based engineers to handle all your requests.

For the sake of security, you would hope that would be the case, but as many companies have found over the past few years, many of their tickets are supported by external solutions. Now they are left to wonder where all the money they pay for support is going. A little domestic support goes a long way.

US Cloud Microsoft support features all American domestic engineers

Microsoft is Outsourcing Premier/Unified Support Overseas

Microsoft is outsourcing its Premier/Unified support overseas

Some companies turn to overseas assets to offset an influx of work. In Microsoft’s case, they utilize overseas engineers and technicians to handle a larger volume of tickets faster. This also allows for easier 24/7 support as you now have teams in multiple time zones around the world. A ticket coming through late at night would have a faster response from someone in India considering the time zone difference, which would ideally lead to a rapid resolution.

However, that’s an ideal scenario. Oftentimes, the overseas engineers employed through third-party contractors like Mindtree or Wipro are less experienced. You may think that your ticket is being handled by someone with ten or more years of experience, when they actually have far less. More importantly, your data is no longer safe as soon as it leaves national borders. Compliance laws are in place in the US to ensure your data is always secure and protected, especially when dealing with a support solution. However, once you get a “v-dash” vendor, those security guarantees are out the window. Even if they are in affiliation with Microsoft, they don’t have the same laws and regulations around data privacy and protection than would be afforded in the states.

If your support contact has an email with a v-dash in it, they are outsourced through companies like Tata, Wipro, and Mindtree. Because they are overseas, you are technically breaking compliance by using Microsoft Premier/Unified support, even though you have limited say in who handles your tickets. If anything would happen to your data, such as theft, leaks, or worse, while with an overseas support team, you wouldn’t have the same compliance protections that are afforded to domestic support. You are essentially putting the livelihood of your business in the hands of the unknown. While the odds of something happening are incredibly low, it’s still much higher than if you used a domestic support team.

U.S. Domestic Microsoft Support is Safer and Faster

U.S. domestic Microsoft support is safer and faster

With overseas engineers, they can move tickets forward, but now there are compliance concerns and a lack of skill to worry about. Pulling from a pool of foreign engineers saves Microsoft time and money. If you aren’t a government entity where support data compliance is required, then you are at the mercy of the system. Lower priority tickets will often be sent overseas to lighten the load on the domestic teams and free up their schedule for higher impact tickets.

You can request to only get ticket responses from domestic teams, by why should you have to do that in the first place? The company you are getting support from should by sending tickets to teams that stay within compliance regulations.

The reality is that Premier/Unified has such a high volume of tickets that their domestic support teams can’t keep up. This is why they don’t have financially backed SLAs for initial ticket response times or guarantees for ticket resolution. You’ve heard the stories and probably experienced them yourself in the past.

A ticket gets submitted and sits around untouched for days before getting a response, with the response either being no help or a redirection to a different team. Your ticket sits in limbo for ages before finally being addressed. Sometimes it gets resolved satisfactorily, other times the problem runs deeper, and the process continues.


It Pays to Use All-American Microsoft Support by US Cloud

All-American Microsoft support by US Cloud saves money
Per Gartner, enterprises typically save 50% or more by replacing Microsoft Premier/Unified Support with US Cloud.

Domestic engineers are a safer alternative to those overseas because they are beholden to government compliance regulations. They keep your data protected at all times, there are no language barriers or large time differences should you need to get on a call, and in US Cloud’s case, they have more experience. Turning to a v-dash company is an attempt to save money by going with the cheapest alternative.

At US Cloud, the power of domestic engineers is on full display, as our support team is sourced entirely from the US. Our engineers have an average of 11+ years of experience in Microsoft Enterprise Support experience. We also have 15-minute SLA guaranteed response times, so you have a solution on hand as soon as possible.

No more worrying about who is handling your ticket and where or watching your ticket go through a chain of emails to find the right person for the job.

We treat your ticket with the care and priority it deserves. While Microsoft claims that their support is essential to your success, you could be using a third-party solution that saves you 50% on your support spend and get a similar or better outcome. Our ticket resolution times are twice as fast as Microsoft’s and we also have 24/7 support, but without the worry of overseas engineers being part of the mix.

With US Cloud, your data is always compliant and secure. Our services are non-invasive, meaning we don’t have direct access to any of your vital information unless directly supervised by your team. For fully compliant, faster Microsoft support for less that keeps everything domestic, US Cloud has you covered.

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