Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal.


Manage all your Microsoft support issues from one location for greater visibility and control. Easily open support tickets in the MS Enterprise portal to prevent downtime.  Check DSE balances available to complete projects and escalate tickets to resolve issues faster.

Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal

Manage Microsoft Support from One Hub

Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal Tickets

The Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal allows you to easily manage all your MSFT support issues from one location, giving you and your company greater visibility and control to manage your enterprise support and maintain IT health. Rapidly open tickets in the Enterprise support portal to fix issues faster. Check on ticket status 24/7/365 or request escalation to prevent downtime.
  • One location to manage all your Microsoft support needs
  • Open new support tickets on any Microsoft technology 24/7/365
  • Check on ticket status or escalate incidents as needed
Use the MS Enterprise portal to quickly request ticket escalation for incidents that change status or are deemed urgent to prevent downtime. Check the status of escalated tickets 24/7/365 and get updates from CritSit managers on high severity escalated incidents. Easily view all open escalations by ticket severity, last touch time/date and time to resolution (TTR).
  • Request escalation of any open support ticket
  • Check status of incident escalations 24/7/365
  • View all escalations by severity and time to resolution

Microsoft Support Escalation for Enterprises

MS Enterprise Support Portal - Ticket Escalation

Microsoft Advisory Support at the Ready

Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal DSEs
Manage your Designated Support Engineer (DSE) hours for Microsoft advisory services including roadmaps, projects and planning.  Your Enterprise support portal acts as your hub to quickly view available hours and time spent by project and technology. Order additional DSE hours, as needed, for successful deployments and migrations.
  • Manage available DSE hours in real time
  • View DSE hours spent by project/technology
  • Order additional DSE hours as needed

A Portal Tailored to Your Enterprise Support Needs

The Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal helps customers stay connected and be proactive by providing visibility into their Microsoft enterprise support resources. Gain greater visibility and more control over your support requests by managing them in one central location.

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