New Microsoft Premier/Unified Support Portal Experience Overview

Login for New Microsoft Premier/Unified Support Portal Experience.

Login to the New US Cloud Microsoft Premier Support Portal for Enterprises

Ensuring a Unified Experience for Microsoft Enterprise Support Clients

New Microsoft Premier/Unified Support Portal Experience Overview

Former Microsoft Premier Support Portal and MS Unified Portal users who login to the new US Cloud Microsoft Support Portal are noting a better overall support experience. Enterprise demos available upon request.

To ensure a better user experience for US Cloud Microsoft Support customers, we recently completed a total rebuild of our Premier Support Portal. Here’s a look at the new unified enterprise support features designed to streamline and optimize your interactions with US Cloud.

  • Satisfaction Level Gauge: This new functionality allows customers to provide instant feedback on how we are doing.
  • New Ticket Creation Features: These include the ability to provide rich text formatting on the Description Entry, plus the ability to upload multiple files.
  • A New View Tickets Option: Allows multiple sorting and filtering options, as well as the ability to instantly search all ticket content (including notes).
  • Existing Ticket Interaction: Collaborate with US Cloud engineers, including the ability to add notes and share files for ongoing incidents and projects.
  • Contact Creation and Maintenance: By editing your contacts, you control who in your organization has access to the portal.
  • Enterprise Service Groups: This feature allows organizations to create logical buckets of hours assigned to specific users or groups. This allows for more granular tracking of who is creating tickets and utilizing hours in your organization, and the ability to allocate hours to various departments.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Support Dashboard: Provides business insights and analytics around how hours are being utilized, what types of tickets are being created, burn rates, and technology break outs.

Upcoming Microsoft Enterprise Support Portal Features

Configurable Enterprise Alerting Tool

This tool will allow Microsoft Enterprise Support users to set up alerts based on rules that trigger an email when thresholds are met. For example, you will be able to receive a notification when:

  • tickets are escalated
  • high severity tickets are created in your enterprise
  • a single ticket reaches a configured total hour threshold

File collaboration and large file upload capabilities

We will support uploads of much larger files in the future, plus you will be able to see what files have been uploaded on individual tickets and can download files provided by US Cloud Engineers.

US Cloud Microsoft Support Portal Messaging System

US Cloud will provide in-portal messages related to any known outages, upcoming changes to your environment, or general informational details through this system.

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