Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support

Hospitals and their IT support teams must move to a new level of patient care management. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support leverages the industry’s fastest time to resolution for all Microsoft technologies leading to significant operational efficiency gains. In addition, the economic benefits drive down costs and conserve precious funds.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Hospital IT Efficiency Gain | Healthcare Cost Reduction
Audience: CIO and IT Executives | Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support

Industry Clouds

Demand is increasing for so-called industry clouds, software outfitted with purpose-built digital tools for companies in industries like healthcare and financial services. Enterprise technology leaders looking to cut costs are turning to industry-specific cloud platforms, which are outfitted with tailor-made capabilities for running hospitals, banks, manufacturing or other businesses.

Gartner Inc. expects companies worldwide to run more than half of their critical business technology in an industry cloud within the next four years, up from less than 10% in 2021.

Oracle Corp. currently has more than 100,000 enterprise customers using industry clouds, said Mike Sicilia, an executive vice president at Oracle. “Technology built for industries generally is better than one-size fits all,” Mr. Sicilia said.

Chad Brisendine, vice president and chief information officer at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pa., said a healthcare industry cloud from Microsoft Corp. deployed last year enabled him to pay for only the infrastructure the network was using, among other benefits.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides trusted and integrated cloud capabilities to deliver better experiences, better insights, and better care.

Enhance patient engagement by propagating data across every point of care to continually improve patient experiences and outcomes. Empower health team collaboration by accelerating and coordinating care across complex, cross-team workflows in a secure, collaborative environment. Improve clinical and operational insights by unifying your data and applying advanced analytics to predict risks, improve patient care and increase operational efficiency.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Benefits

  • Improve outcomes across the care continuum – leverage trusted capabilities to deliver experiences, better insights and better care.
  • Enable open interoperability across systems – get the most from your applications with healthcare-specific portals, connectors, templates and more.
  • Build on a foundation of security and trust – standardize and share data across applications from Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Pricing
Starts at $95 per user per month.

Includes healthcare templates and workflows, healthcare configurations, customizations and applications, healthcare connectors, healthcare data model, healthcare APIs and services (Azure services billed separately)

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Pricing

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Capabilities by Platform

The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Add-On uses Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure.  See the table below for what platform handles which healthcare capability.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Capabilities

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support Needs

The healthcare industry is undergoing a technology upheaval as healthcare organizations transform their business models to comply with government mandates and work to improve operational efficiencies to drive down costs. Overburdened healthcare teams cannot afford Microsoft cloud or systems downtime.

Hospitals and their IT support teams must move to a new level of patient care management. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support leverages the industry’s fastest time to resolution for all Microsoft technologies leading to significant operational efficiency gains. In addition, the economic benefits drive down costs and conserve precious funds.

The 25% efficiency gain and 30-50% cost savings allow healthcare organizations to reinvest strategically to provide more efficient care, personalize patient experiences, and process vital clinical and operational data for later analysis.

Microsoft Healthcare Support at US Cloud has become the industry’s top support partner

US Cloud Microsoft Support for Healthcare is a trusted partner to many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations, providing national healthcare and medical IT support services with the highest degree of success. Our specific focus is in healthcare support and we have developed an industry-leading approach that places the top Microsoft certified engineers available 24/7 to hospitals and medical facilities worldwide.

The acquisition of the best and most cost effective Microsoft support in the ultra-complex healthcare industry is essential. At US Cloud, our goal is to provide the fastest, most economical expert Microsoft support to our healthcare clients and become a  long-term pillar of their organization.

US Cloud healthcare clients include 5 of the top 10 children’s hospitals, the largest hospital association in western US, top 5 largest healthcare provider in US and UK, 3 out of top 5 cancer research facilities, and many other regional and state healthcare organizations who rely on US Cloud to help keep their Microsoft systems available while reducing cost.

Clinicians need to cut through the clutter of overburdened internal IT support teams and slow Microsoft OEM support so they can spend more quality time with patients instead of waiting for ticket resolution. The right healthcare support solution can save time, save money, and improve patient outcomes. To deliver more efficient care, organizations need support solutions that can help them securely fix time sensitive issues, reduce downtime, decrease IT burnout, and enhance financial sustainability.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support drives positive changes to healthcare organizations in several areas:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Improved support data security.

In addition, Microsoft Support for Healthcare is built to meet industry and regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation, HITRUST, and HIPAA.

Your Organization’s Prescription for IT Health

As innovations in healthcare quickly advance in uncertain times, Microsoft support care has become more intricate and specialized. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support provides actionable solutions to these challenges. While healthcare providers strive to deliver the best possible care to patients, US Cloud Microsoft Support for Healthcare strives to maximize the availability and efficiency of your IT infrastructure, reduce your risks, and improve productivity.

Across the Healthcare IT lifecycle, US Cloud Healthcare Support Services is here to support your organization at every stage. Whether you’re a global healthcare provider or a local clinic, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Support can help your organization build competencies and knowledge to confidently deploy, operate and support Microsoft technologies in your IT environment. Our proactive services help support every phase of your operational lifecycle, from assessing the health of a current implementation through to planning a prescription for health to stabilize, educate, prevent and optimize your healthcare IT infrastructure.

MS Healthcare Cloud Support Lifecycle

“As your advocate within US Cloud Premier Support for all Microsoft technologies, I’ll work with your hospital’s IT team to devise and manage a service delivery plan to address risks, maximize your organization’s IT health as well as drive savings, and operational efficiency.”

– Jon Teson, Technical Account Manager

Microsoft Mission Critical Support for Healthcare

US Cloud Premier Support for mission critical environments provides the highest level of service and support for the most demanding healthcare environments. Receive 15 minute response times 24/7 across the globe for all Microsoft technologies across all support incident severities. Designated System Engineers (DSE) and Technical Account Managers (TAM) required to maximize efficiency, uptime, and time to resolution.

Improve business continuity with an integrated support program for your most critical solutions. Use US Cloud Mission Critical Support for Healthcare for a solution validation exercise along with deep architectural reviews that will enable you to:

  • Effectively review your healthcare infrastructure for risk mitigation and support optimization.
  • Attain and maintain continuity by working closely with a DSE who facilitates proactive services, remediation and problem resolution measures, and knowledge transfers.
  • Rapidly restore healthcare operations, if issues arise, by taking advantage of the fastest problem-resolution support available from US Cloud Microsoft Support Services.

Plan for high availability with access to on-site expertise direct from the Microsoft experts at US Cloud. Extend your IT team with a Microsoft Solution Engineer who has deep knowledge of your mission-critical solution and can work with teams across US Cloud to deliver:

  • An effective service delivery plan and ongoing proactive measures based on the solution validation and architectural reviews
  • Remediation and problem-resolution activities to help optimize your IT performance.
  • Coordination of workshops and training programs to equip your IT staff with the latest technology information and best practices.
Microsoft Mission Critical Support for Healthcare
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