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Microsoft Developer Support provides cloud and application development support. Accelerate DevOps and modernize your builds and deployments.

Microsoft Mission Critical Support

What is Microsoft Developer Support?

Microsoft Developer Support provides long term technical support based on deep cloud and technical knowledge across the entire application development lifecycle for developers who are building, deploying and supporting applications on Microsoft’s platform.

An Application Development Manager (ADM) acts as the primary contact and is focused on delivering strategic advice on development and testing methodologies and on development issues encountered while using Microsoft products. The ADM interfaces with several resources within the Microsoft Developer Support team about the customer’s requirements.

What is Microsoft Developer Support

Microsoft Developer Support features

Features of Microsoft Developer Support

Microsoft Developer Support features ensure that your Microsoft development issues receive the timely attention they need so your DevOps team can spend less time fixing problems and more time modernizing applications and increasing app security and quality.

Features of Microsoft Developer Support Include:

Drive efficiencies at speed

Speed up and streamline DevOps practices with the latest tools and techniques

  • Build and execute a DevOps transformation strategy based on DevOps maturity assessment.
  • Achieve business agility and reduced time-to-market with a continuous software delivery method.
  • Increase software reliability using functional and security testing automation.

App Security
Anticipate and prevent risks

  • Examine and reinforce security practices to avoid threats and keep your app continuously safe.
  • Enhance your app secret with an in-depth evaluation, including threat modeling guidance and dynamic test.
  • Secure your cloud deployment with insights and recommendations from Microsoft cloud experts.
  • Sharpen your team’s skillset through web vulnerabilities, secure DevOps training, and blue and red team simulations.

Application Quality
Boost application scalability and reliability

Using modern testing processes and tools get the expertise you need

  • Ensure your solutions are performing at the anticipated load and scale with the expected cost and quality.

App Modernization
Accelerate transformation

Modernize your application portfolio by strategically integrating the latest technology and cloud services into your app portfolio

  • Migrate your application portfolio and build scalable, reliable apps on Azure.
  • Lift and Shift your apps with containers, using guidance and training from cloud experts.
  • Measure and improve your application performance with Application Optimization and Performance Review services.

AI & IoT
Harness competitive advantage

Leverage AI capabilities to elevate competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and boost business potential

  • Drive AI strategy with the help of experienced Azure architects and AI experts.
  • Speed implementation and spark innovation with expert guidance and training.

Power Platform
Enable innovation across the entire organization

Empower citizen and pro developers to solve business problems with modern and high value apps.

  • Enable your teams for successful Power Platform adoption, establish governance, and prepare your environment to start delivering value quickly with quality.
  • Shorten the development lifecycle considerably through guided adoption while following best practices.
  • Automate and streamline your processes for optimized business operations.

Benefits of Microsoft Developer Support

Accelerate innovation and modernize solutions throughout the development lifecycle.

Transform your development environment
Unlock the door to deep technical knowledge and skillful guidance with Developer Support. As emerging cloud and mobility technologies raise the bar for new application infrastructures, our app development and cloud experts provide leading-edge knowledge and insight. A team of trusted advisors, led by your designated Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) Developer (experienced Azure Architect), provides skillful guidance to accelerate business outcomes and help you adopt, manage, test, and optimize application development processes. We help you design a program tailored to your app development needs and business goals, using proven tools, best practices, and deep technical Microsoft expertise.

Create a roadmap for success
Developer Support provides direct, high-level assistance during each stage of the development lifecycle. We work with you to assess the current state of your app development portfolio and then create a comprehensive Service Delivery Plan to see you through execution. We help you establish a consistent methodology, harness your competitive advantage, and overcome challenges as your developers build, deploy, and manage Microsoft solutions.

Benefits of Microsoft Developer Support

Microsoft Developer Support accelerates DevOps

Accelerate DevOps with Developer Support

Accelerate Develops and ensure application quality through modern testing and expertise.
  • Accelerate software delivery using DevOps practices
  • Reinforce your application security to protect your brand, customers, and employees
  • Strategically integrate the latest technology into your app portfolio
  • Elevate competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and boost business potential

Modernize Applications with Developer Support

Modernize legacy applications faster with Microsoft Developer Support.

Here are some of the reasons why you should modernize your Microsoft applications:

Increased agility and flexibility
Cloud-based applications can be deployed and scaled more easily than on-premises applications. This gives organizations more flexibility to respond to changing business needs.

Improved security
Cloud-based applications are typically more secure than on-premises applications. This is because cloud providers offer a variety of security features, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption.

Reduced costs
Cloud-based applications can help organizations reduce their IT costs. This is because cloud providers typically charge for the resources that are used, rather than for the hardware and software that is purchased.

Improved performance
Cloud-based applications can often perform better than on-premises applications. This is because cloud providers have access to more powerful computing resources.

Modernize applications with Microsoft Developer Support

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