Microsoft Enterprise Support Options


Read the Microsoft Enterprise Support Options eBook to explore new choices for MSFT Premier and Unified and what questions you should be asking.

Microsoft Enterprise Support Options

Microsoft Enterprise Support Options - What's Inside

What’s Inside the eBook

  • The 3 Primary Microsoft Enterprise Support Options
  • Considerations Before Making a Change
  • Questions to Ask Alternative Vendors
  • Suggested Next Steps

Why Organizations Must Read the Enterprise Support eBook

Our primary mission is to help companies get the most out of their Microsoft software. And for some, Microsoft Enterprise Support is still the right fit.
But with Unified Support straining many IT budgets, it’s imperative to understand all the choices available.

MS Enterprise Support Options eBook - Must Read

MSFT Enterprise Support 3 year Forecast

Microsoft Enterprise 3 Year Support Cost Forecast

If you are accelerating Microsoft 365 or Azure adoption, your Microsoft Enterprise Support pricing may see substantial increases in years two and three.
Read the eBook for more details but the big takeaway is enterprises should do a 3 year forecast to fully understand their Microsoft Unified costs and avoid surprises.

Microsoft Enterprise Support Guide to Negotiating

Start negotiating and evaluating alternatives at least 90 days prior to your enterprise MS Support renewal.
Here is the Guide’s shortlist for negotiating Unified with Microsoft:
  • 3 year forecast
  • license-only penalty
  • hidden fees
  • check the math and itemize
  • press on security

Read the MSFT Enterprise Support Options eBook for full details.

Microsoft Enterprise Support eBook for Negotiating

Microsoft Enterprise Support Options, Choices and Alternatives

Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Support Alternatives

Options for a new Microsoft support direction at your enterprise do exist.
Currently there are 3 alternatives to MS Unified:
  • Microsoft SAB support and Professional incidents
  • Independent 3rd party providers
  • Large system integrators
Each option has its pros and cons.  Read the eBook to see which is the best fit for your organization.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

There are over 20 questions you need to ask when looking at options for Microsoft Enterprise Support.  Here are the top 3:

Can you fully eliminate our MSFT Premier or Unified Support contract?

What are typical savings that I should expect in year 1? Years 2 & 3?

What percentage of revenue comes from MSFT problem resolution support?

Read the MS Enterprise Support eBook for the rest of the top 20 questions you should be asking.

Microsoft Enterprise Support Option Questions

Guided Microsoft Enterprise Support Transition

You can and should exchange your SAB incidents in order to reduce your enterprise MS Support bill. They play a particularly impactful role during the first year of moving from Premier to Unified Support, softening the blow of the initial price increase. That often just pushes pain out into year 2, but it can buy time to evaluate options.