Microsoft Premier Support DSE


Keep your enterprise running at peak performance with designated support for your core Microsoft technologies. Achieve long-term IT success with US Cloud Designated Support Engineers (DSE) to ensure successful deployments, help reduce mission-critical downtime and fill Microsoft tech talent shortages.

Microsoft Premier Support DSE


Designated Support Engineers keep your enterprise running at maximum performance with dedicated support for your core Microsoft technologies.

Do you have recurring problems with your Microsoft technology, but no time to investigate and identify the root cause? Are staff changes, deployments or upgrades of newer technologies impacting your internal IT resources and exposing gaps in your knowledge base?

DSEs help you achieve long-term IT success by helping to ensure successful deployments, planning for supportability and helping to reduce mission-critical downtime. Microsoft Premier Support DSE can offer you the expertise you need to get off the break/fix merry-go-round and proactively prevent problems so they don’t occur. Identify the root cause of recurring problems and address them so they don’t reoccur, and give your IT staff the expert training they need to get the most from your Microsoft investment.

Microsoft Premier Support DSE - Deploy and Migrate Successfully

DSE – Partner for Successful Deployments and Migrations

Deploy, upgrade, or migrate to the latest Microsoft technologies with more confidence knowing that DSE resources have reviewed existing architectural and configuration plans and made appropriate recommendations to ensure future supportability. Supportability Reviews provide a detailed assessment of a product’s current or planned configuration with recommendations on best practices for your business scenario that can help significantly reduce the time needed for successful deployments or migrations.

Microsoft Premier Support DSE - Pay Only for the Microsoft Skills and Team You Need

DSE – Pay Only for the Skills and Team You Need

Not a one-size-fits-all solution, Microsoft Premier Support DSE at US Cloud can be customized to meet the specific and changing needs of your organization, both in the portfolio of services delivered and length of engagement. If you need deeper technological assistance for multiple technology areas, a specialized team of experts can be mobilized – all working together and coordinated as part of your ongoing Premier Support engagement.

Microsoft Premier Support DSE - Fix Problems So They Don't Repeat

DSE – Fixing Problems So They Don’t Repeat Themselves

Preventing problems is more difficult than resolving them, but it’s also far more cost effective. Our trained technicians are adept at isolating root causes and determining the best course of action to take to prevent future occurrences.

Take Your IT Support to the Next Level with a DSE

Microsoft Premier Support DSE at US Cloud provides deeper technical expertise along a particular Microsoft technology, giving you the highest level of preventive maintenance and enhanced operations for your key technologies:

Coordinated Service Delivery and Service Delivery Planning
DSE resources will work with any other US Cloud Microsoft resources to assist in their technology area for reactive troubleshooting or preventative services delivery, such as a Risk Assessment Program (RAP) or Healthcheck. DSE resources can increase effectiveness of those resources by efficiently and accurately sharing details around your infrastructure, business issues, and product usage – knowledge that only a long-term engagement can build.

DSE is coordinated within your existing Premier Support engagement, including a detailed, documented service delivery plan, updated quarterly, which includes technology-specific DSE goals, expectations, projects, recommended services, timelines and facilitation steps.

Root Cause Analysis
Receive root cause analysis of any Critical Situation (CritSit) specific to the covered technology, along with recommendations and plans for preventing recurrences.

Knowledge Transfer
Technology-specific training is conducted via informal formats to equip your team with increased skills and knowledge along a particular Microsoft technology.