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Published August 24, 2020
Gartner Report: G00721318

IT sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders should expect their Microsoft Premier Support to be replaced by Unified Support. Organizations that have managed their Premier Support expenditures down will likely see large cost increases when moving to Unified Support.

Microsoft Unified Support - Gartner

Is Microsoft Support Required Insurance?

What happens if your team is unable to solve a Microsoft issues themselves or your organization discovers a bug in Microsoft code or a Microsoft online (cloud) service?  Microsoft support allows your company to open a support ticket immediately.

Microsoft Unified Support Costs - Gartner Research Report

Transition Discounts, SAB Incident Credits and Evaluating the True Difference in Cost

Learn what discounts are available as your enterprise transitions from Microsoft Premier Support to the Unified model. Explore how Software Assurance benefits (SAB) help to offset costs and evaluate cost differences of Unified support for specific Microsoft products.

Microsoft Unified Support Alternatives

Alternatives to Microsoft Support

Evaluate alternatives to Microsoft Premier Support for on-premise Microsoft products  and Microsoft online services.  Look at third party support providers like US Cloud to determine if there are any third-party vendors with a proven track record for supporting Microsoft technologies.

Next step - Save up to 50% on Microsoft Support

Take the Next Step for an Alternative to Microsoft Support

US Cloud is the proven leader in providing reputable Microsoft enterprise support services to clients world-wide. We enable Microsoft Support (Premier/Unified) customers to enjoy ultra-responsive support from US citizens, save up to 50% on support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.