Compare Microsoft Professional Support prices to US Cloud. See if enterprise-grade and ultra-responsive USA support best fit your business.

Core Support
Per Incident
Incident 5-Pack
Pricing Per hour Per 1 incident Per 5 incidents
Initial Response Time 15 min critical
15 min standard
2 hour critical
8 hour standard
2 hour critical
8 hour standard
Service Delivery – All screened US citizens Yes No No
TTR – Average time to resolution 20 days 28+ days 28+ days
Proactive Support – Engineer-led risk assessments, chalk talks, planning, implementation and supportability engagements Yes No No
PRS – Reactive support 24/7/365  Yes Yes Yes
Support Coverage – All Microsoft products Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Support – Onsite support (+T&E), root cause analysis, products out of support lifecycle Yes No No

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