Microsoft Software Development Stack.


The Microsoft software development stack is key to your enterprise’s success.  Leverage US Cloud for full MSFT stack development – from concept to code and development to deployment.

Microsoft Software Development Stack


MS-Stack development is comprised of layered structures of different components or services that are used to develop software solutions with Microsoft’s range of applications including Dynamics CRM, .NET, CRM Dynamics 365, SharePoint development platform, Azure, etc…

The Microsoft stack is huge and comprises of a wide range of platforms and frameworks. Each has its own purpose, advantages, and unique value to offer. We’ll focus our attention on some of the most important technologies of Microsoft stack that all businesses and developers must be aware of.

As a full stack Microsoft software development services company, US Cloud is familiar with a breadth of Microsoft technologies, and can build out your custom software on any technology.

Microsoft Software Development Stack - US Cloud

The .NET Framework

 The .NET framework is a software development framework to create both form-based and web-based applications.  Application development with Microsoft .NET framework involves web applications, web services, Windows mobile and desktop applications, web and windows services, as well as console applications.

 .NET framework by Microsoft remains one of its most popular offerings even so many years after its initial release. Microsoft web application development using .NET is preferred because it facilitates creation of high-performing, robust, and complex applications with great simplicity and ease. In fact, Microsoft app development with .NET is not just limited to web applications, it also extends to Windows services, Windows desktop applications, mobile applications, web services, and console applications. .NET can be leveraged to develop applications of any type and of any complexity. This is good news for businesses because they usually have a number of processes and functions to take care of as they grow. Developers will appreciate the fact that building big applications with .NET does not require a huge amount of coding effort.

Microsoft Software Development Stack Services - US Cloud

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is an efficient platform for developers to code, debug, and test their applications with great accuracy.

Microsoft SharePoint Framework

Microsoft SharePoint lets developers follow a structured approach to develop modern applications that are end-to-end and not dependent on .NET or beyond.

Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud services that allow users to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services on a global network, via Microsoft-managed data centers.  Microsoft Azure offers services, containers, microservice and serverless architectures that can be utilized either to build new applications or to update existing ones.

Web API Framework

Microsoft Web API is an easy-to-use web development framework that provides information from the server which works on protocols such as HTTP, WebSockets, SSL, JSON and XML, and can be invoked by the mobile, desktop or web applications.

MSFT Software Stack Development - US Cloud

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

 The WCF is a secure service used to process business transactions.  It is designed as a manageable approach in being able to create web services as well as web service clients.

This framework by Microsoft is used for developing service-oriented applications for enabling asynchronous messaging between service endpoints. The service-oriented architecture is the key element of WCF. The benefits of WCF are plenty, including security, interoperability, extensibility, flexibility, and reliability. WCF can also be used in conjunction with other product offerings by Microsoft.

ASP.NET and Web Forms

 ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft for the development of dynamic web applications and services.  The successor to Microsoft’s ASP or Active Server Pages technology, ASP.NET allows coders to build ASP.NET applications that use any .NET supported language as it is built on Common Language Runtime or CLR.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

 The Windows Presentation Foundation is used to render user interfaces in Windows-based apps.  WPF makes use of an XML-based language, knowns as XAML, for linking different interface elements.

Full Microsoft Stack Development Services 

MS-Stack development compromises of layered structures of different components or services that are used to develop software solutions with Microsoft’s range of applications including Dynamics CRM, .NET, CRM Dynamics 365, SharePoint development platform, Azure, etc…

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