Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support.


Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support save enterprises 30% to 50%. See which Unified alternative is 2x faster than Microsoft and Gartner recommended.

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support - cost savings at US Cloud
Save 30% to 50%
versus Microsoft
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Why You Need a Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support Alternative

Microsoft Premier Support Cost Savings with US Cloud

Save 30% to 50%
vs. Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support, per analyst research

Microsoft Premier Support Better Response Time with US Cloud

Resolve Issues Quickly
Prioritized problem resolution for you and your team’s most complex issues

All US Citizen Engineers with US Cloud Premier Support

All Domestic
US Cloud uses domestic, US based Engineering teams

US Cloud Premier Support for All Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Expertise
Your trusted Technical Account Manager is invested in your success

Managed Microsoft Support Ticket Escalation - US Cloud100,000 Tickets Solved
Written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations when necessary

Microsoft Software InsuranceMS Software Insurance
Reduce the risk of long and costly downtime for you and your customers


Reports from industry analysts, Microsoft EA negotiators, and enterprise clients all confirm ongoing significant price increases for Microsoft Premier and Unified Support. As companies are forced to transition into the Unified model in 2022 and 2023 (SAB credits retired Feb 2023), support costs are rising 23-29% year-over-year (or more) for a large portion of the Premier Support base. Some MS support customers are being sold support plans that are labeled “Premier” but have most of the Unified support characteristics and accompanying YOY egregious cost increases. Examples of 3 year forecasting for Unified are producing anticipated price increases of over 90% — and in some cases mushrooming to over 285%.

Microsoft Premier/Unified Analyst (Gartner) Reports

Response Time

Is your Microsoft issue critical? As the only proven alternative to Microsoft Unified Support, US Cloud will respond to your ticket in fifteen minutes or less – 5x faster than Microsoft. Receive prioritized problem resolution for your enterprise’s most complex issues. Get the fastest prioritized response times with 24×7 elevated break/fix support and access to designated support engineers (DSE). US Cloud Premier Support offers the top problem resolution services to enterprises world-wide.

Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support Response Times
Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support - Workforce


Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support should improve both the support experience and security posture of your enterprise. US Cloud Premier Support uses only screened US citizens and is ITAR compliant. You will never be transferred to a call center overseas. Maximize enterprise satisfaction with All-American Microsoft technology service delivery, Designated Support Engineers (DSE) and Technical Account Managers (TAM). Switching to US Cloud Premier Support assures your organization is meeting U.S. compliance and security standards.

Proven History

US Cloud has more than two decades of experience supporting all Microsoft technologies. We have over 25 Microsoft certifications covering cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Leverage US Cloud Microsoft expertise to optimize your Microsoft technology based offerings with consults, roadmaps, or risk assessments. Join the ranks of US Cloud Premier Support enterprises and agencies like NASA, American Cancer Society, US Department of State, Ryder, and American Family Insurance whose CIOs are using their 30-60% cost savings to fund innovation.

Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support - Proven History
Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support - TAM DSE


Viable alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support must include technical account managers (TAM) and designated support engineers (DSE). TAMs deliver a higher level of Microsoft support by interfacing between your internal IT team and the US Cloud Premier Support Team. As the conduit between your organization and our global support resources, the TAM will manage your Microsoft technologies to improve the operational health of your IT. DSEs keep your enterprise running at maximum performance with dedicated support for your core Microsoft technologies. Achieve long-term IT success with US Cloud Premier Support DSEs to ensure successful deployments, help reduce mission-critical downtime and fill Microsoft skill gaps.


Those seeking comprehensive third-party support alternatives for Microsoft Unified support, tools and solutions need look no further than US Cloud Premier Support. Get comprehensive enterprise support across all Microsoft products, technologies and platforms. Leverage US Cloud Microsoft expertise for guidance, implementation and training in fast-growing solutions areas. US Cloud Premier Support helps you identify risks, prevent issues, and improve migration readiness for you and your organization. Your team need not worry about wasting time explaining your issue from the beginning several times as you are transferred or escalated. Reduce frustration and time to resolution (TTR) with expert Microsoft certified engineers.

Alternatives to Microsoft Unified Support - Comprehensive Support
Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support