Azure Development Services.


Use Azure Development Services to rapidly build enterprise applications. Modernize legacy applications and go cloud-native to scale faster.

Azure Development Services

What is Azure Development Services?

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Azure Development Services allows your enterprise to build and deploy applications faster. Secure your legacy apps in containers while modernizing them and moving towards a cloud-native code base. Use low code Azure solutions to rapidly meet line-of-business needs and fuel growth.

US Cloud Development Services on Azure

What is Azure Development Services

Benefits of Azure Development Services to enterprises

Enterprise Benefits of Azure Development Services

Better applications enable business transformation and improved business outcomes.
Overall, enterprises agree that Azure Development Services is beneficial. This includes happier customers, reduced time-to-market, and increased revenue (4.3% on average according to Forester Research).

Employees can make better and faster decisions from better access to information.
Much of the development work completed with Power Apps enables faster collection of information from first-line workers and transferal to decision makers in a more usable format. This, in turn, means that better decisions are made based on data sets that are larger and closer to real time.

Azure Development - Enterprise Benefits

Azure Development Solutions

Rapid application development – serverless for faster line of business app development

Serverless APIs – Build with Node.js or Microsoft.NET

Cloud automation – serverless hybrid resource management

Serverless web applications – for single-page applications and static websites

Machine learning – workflows on Azure serverless architecture

Serverless data processing – build pipelines for real-time data and files

Visual Studio (VS) – Deploy code and host your React, Angular, Node, Python, Javascript, JSON, Powershell, Java, HTML/CSS, C#, Markdown, TypeScript, PHP C/C++, and YAML to Azure.

Azure Development Solutions

Azure Development Solutions - US Cloud

Low Code Azure Application Development

Low Code Azure Application Development

Build line-of-business apps faster with less code, and at a lower cost, with Power Apps and Azure. Automate business processes with out-of-the-box connectors, built-in solutions for common use cases, and drag-and-drop simplicity. Use services such as Azure API Management and Azure Functions to scale and extend your apps and respond to changes quickly.

Automate business-critical workflows with Azure Logic Apps. Deploy low code powerful enterprise integration solutions via Kubernetes containers for increased security and app mobility.

Low Code Azure App Dev Process

Azure Web Application Development

Web application development on Azure requires proven guidance to define, plan and successfully implement the strategy. Let experienced Microsoft Azure developers handle your development and deployment tasks while you stay focused on managing your business growth.

Azure IaaS and PaaS allow your enterprise to develop what you need on Azure. Choose which language and framework you want for your web application development and let our developers rapidly build it for you.

MSFT Azure Web App Development Process

Azure Web Application Development

Modernize Legacy Apps on Azure

Modernize Legacy Applications on Azure

Re-architect your ASP.NET powered Legacy apps to modern applications. Make them resource friendly, robust with enhanced customer experience, and compatible with modern-day backend databases (MS SQL, Azure SQL). Modernize your legacy software and solutions, which are difficult to integrate with latest technology applications.

Start moving your enterprise towards cloud-native apps. Our Azure developers can re-architect ASP.NET applications and create a 100% Azure app. We create apps that are agile and robust using the Azure platform. Adopt auto provisioning and Kubernetes containers for faster scaling, better security and reduced infrastructure costs.

Modern Application Development Process on Azure

Line-of-Business (LOB) App Development on Azure

Create modern line-of-business (LOB) apps faster and at a lower cost with Power Apps and Azure. You can automate business processes with out-of-box connectors, built-in solutions for common use cases, and drag-and-drop simplicity.

In addition, with our Azure development services such as API Management and Azure Functions, you will have the flexibility to scale and extend apps and respond to changes faster. Modernize your legacy systems to support new processes and provide better user experience.

Azure Cloud LOB Application Development

Line of Business (LOB) Application Development on Azure

Cloud-Native Azure Developer

Cloud-Native Azure Development

Cloud Native delivers faster, accurate services to your enterprise. Cloud native architecture delivers more value at a faster rate to your business units. Hence, Cloud Native is a combination of Agile, CI/CD, Microservices, Automation, Flexibility, and this list will keep evolving as additional capabilities are added to the cloud.

Microsoft has come up with multiple utilities to make cloud-native possible on Azure. Azure DevOps and Container driven delivery in .NET Core is a perfect blend to deliver Cloud Native applications. .NET Core brings to the table containerized delivery and microservices. While Azure DevOps provides you with a combination of all utilities hosted on the Cloud that will help streamline and expedite delivery.

Azure Cloud Native Applications

End-to-End Azure Development Services - US Cloud

End-to-End Azure Development Services

Get comprehensive Azure Development Services for your enterprise to build, deploy, and maintain applications on Azure. Rely on the Azure development team at US Cloud for project support or full life-cycle development services.

Get a complete serverless application development experience—from building and debugging locally to deploying and monitoring in the cloud. Set up continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with Azure Pipelines and get intelligent and proactive insights about the performance of serverless applications in production from Azure Monitor.

Azure Development Services - US Cloud

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