What Exactly is the MS Services Hub and Why is it Important?.

Exactly What Is the MS Service Hub and Why Is It Important to My Business or Enterprise?

MS Services Hub
MS Services Hub

The Microsoft Services Hub is your portal for Microsoft Support where you can conveniently optimize support efforts to maximize your enterprise IT uptime.

Initiatives: Microsoft Contract ROI | Strategic IT Cost Optimization
Audience: CIO and IT Executives | Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management

Manage Your Microsoft Support

Microsoft Services Hub Support
Microsoft Services Hub Support

The MS Service Hub is a convenient central location to empower business and enterprise IT while optimizing Microsoft support efforts. Drive the results you need the most with the Microsoft Services Hub.

  • Easily track all your support requests from one central location.
  • Gain greater visibility with support trending and data analysis.
  • Connect directly with relationship-driven TAMs and DSEs that know you.

Service Hub: Microsoft Support

One spot to optimize support experience. Fix issues faster by managing all your Microsoft support tickets, on-premise and cloud, from one portal.

Connect direct to maximize value. Reach out directly to TAMs and DSEs who intimately know your business or enterprise IT challenges and MSFT technology portfolio.

Maintain Your MS Portfolio for IT Health

MSFT Services Hub IT Health
MSFT Services Hub IT Health

Streamline your efforts to maintain your Microsoft portfolio of products and mitigate risk of major changes to your MS stack that can impact overall IT health of your business or enterprise.

  • Eliminate deployment risks, increase availability, and optimize performance.
  • Take advantage of risk assessments and expert-led training.
  • Drive results with as needed advisory services from DSEs familiar with your environment.

Services Hub: IT Health

Keep your IT environments healthy. Use risk assessments before and after upgrades or migrations to establish service baselines, mitigate risk, and avoid expensive downtime.

Proactively manage your environment health. Drill into root cause information and get expert guidance and specific step-by-step instruction to keep the issue from happening again.

Gain Microsoft Products & Licensing Insight

Why is ms unified support so expensive?
Why is MS Unified Support so expensive?

Gain valuable insight into your MS products and licensing to optimize your spend and get the most out of your Microsoft technologies. Receive unbiased, facts on Redmond sales and marketing initiatives which may not align with your business or enterprise IT roadmap.

  • Elevate your Microsoft strategy and optimize your Microsoft spend.
  • Track important changes in Microsoft products and licensing.
  • Receive independent, objective guidance for maximum ROI on your MSFT technology investments.

Service Hub: Microsoft Insight

Stay ahead of strategic Microsoft changes. Get alerts on significant Microsoft licensing and product changes. Compare your IT roadmap to Microsoft near and far horizon releases.

Get the most out of your Microsoft investment. Optimize your Microsoft spend based on independent, objective guidance from Microsoft technology experts.

Track Unified Support Usage & Value

MS Services Hub - Unified Value
MS Services Hub - Unified Value

The MS Services Hub is also the place for you to view and analyze your Unified support incidents in real time. Many businesses and enterprises are finding the new support model diminishing over time in quality and value.

  • Easily view your Unified support usage.
  • Review response times to confirm organizational needs being met.
  • Watch Azure usage trends which drive Unified cost disproportionately.

Service Hub: Unified Value

Confirm your business or enterprise is receiving the expected value in MS Unified premium support. Make sure IT is satisfied with response times, CSAM vs TAM, DSE quality, and offshored engineering support.

Explore alternatives to MS Unified, at least 90 days prior to renewal, for either cost savings or quality motives.

“Unified Support is premium insurance best suited for organizations on the bleeding edge of Microsoft technologies. While MS increasingly struggles to meet demand on DSEs and CSAMs, US Cloud continues to mature and compete on both cost and quality.”

— Michael Jones, VP Premier Support Services, US Cloud

Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support