ABC severity levels of Microsoft Unified Support

The ABCs of Microsoft Unified Support Severity Levels.

The ABCs of Microsoft Unified Support Severity Levels

ABC severity levels of Microsoft Unified Support
Microsoft Unified Support appears simple on the surface, but there are layers of complexity to their support package. One of main culprits that manages to confuse and confound is the literal A, B, C severity levels to Microsoft Unified Support.

These impact the treatment your ticket is given and the time and money invested into it.

Differences in Severity Levels

Many businesses that have purchased Microsoft Unified Support are reporting slower response times than promised. Choosing the incorrect severity for your issue may further hamper and delay response times.

When a support issue arises, you submit a ticket into the Microsoft Unified Portal. When submitting the ticket, you need to identify the level of severity of your issue on a scale of A, B, or C.

  • Severity A – Critical Business Impact – Your business has experienced a significant loss or degradation of services, requiring immediate attention.
  • Severity B – Moderate Business Impact – You have a loss or degradation of services, but your organization can still function.
  • Severity C – Minimum Business Impact – You have an issue, but the impact is minimal to your business and doesn’t harm functionality of the business.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Severity Levels

If you’ve interacted with Microsoft Unified Support in the past or heard anything about it before, then you’re already aware of the three tiers that encompass the service. Response times vary by severity and the level of Unified Support your business subscribes to.

You get unlimited reactive support hours and there are three levels – Core, Advanced, Performance – which have a minimum contract size of $25,000, $50,000, and $175,000, and pricing based on a percentage of Office 365 annual costs, client software annual costs, other software, and online annual costs. Most clients find that they end up in the $175,000 category though.

It’s clear that Unified Support Core and Advanced tiers offer 2-4 times slower response times when compared to Microsoft Premier Support. The previous wait times for critical or severe issues was an hour, while standard tickets were given a two-hour grace period. Unified has no such guarantees. Support contracts commit to 1 hour for critical and 8 hours for standard tickets on the Core tier, while Advanced has 1 hour for critical and 4 hours for standard tickets. Those on the Performance tier have a slightly better outlook with service level agreements (SLAs) providing 30-minute initial response times for critical cases, but 4 hour wait times for standard tickets, double what the previous guarantee was.

You would think that unlimited tickets would mean rapid support, as no business offering a model like that could sustain anything less without amassing a large backlog of tickets. However, as many companies decide to stick with it and gauge the effectiveness of the services offered, they soon find that the price doesn’t match the responsiveness.

The Struggle That Comes with Severity

Tickets marked as Severity C or even B, which is much more impactful, are left struggling to receive timely responses from Microsoft.

If you don’t have aggressive SLAs that are financially backed in your support contract, you may be paying three times the cost of support just to wait around for a fix that might never come. Since the Advanced tier of Unified Support doesn’t make business sense for most smaller businesses, many find a “workaround” by submitting all tickets as Severity A.

While this heightens the response time, it creates a disparity in the system resulting in Severity A being considered a false flag for certain accounts. As Microsoft continues to push clients to adopt Office 365 and Azure alongside support systems, companies worry that the demand will outpace the available support and leave them in the dust.

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