US Cloud vs. Microsoft Unified Support

US Cloud vs. Microsoft Unified Support.

Understanding US Cloud and Microsoft Unified Support

Microsoft Unified Support offers comprehensive support for all Microsoft products and services, which may be beneficial for companies using a wide range of Microsoft solutions. Unified Support’s price is determined by Microsoft charging a customer based on a percentage of their total Microsoft spend.

US Cloud also offers comprehensive support for all Microsoft products and services and is the only third-party Microsoft Support provider worldwide capable of fully replacing Unified Support. US Cloud customers buy hours as needed. While Microsoft Unified Support has been the go-to for many organizations, savings + speed make US Cloud an attractive support alternative.

US Cloud vs. Microsoft Unified Support

US Cloud vs. Microsoft Unified Support

Feature US Cloud Microsoft Unified Support
Cost 30-50% reduction in support costs compared to Microsoft Unified Support 8-12% of total Microsoft spend, growing 20% annually per Gartner
Response Time Guaranteed 15-minute response time for all tickets 1-8 hours depending on severity and workload (no SLA)
Support Staff 100% USA Domestic Premier Engineers with 15+ years of experience Support staff may be located in various countries
Security Focus on US-based staff and ITAR compliance Standard Microsoft security protocols
Focus Legacy on-premise and cloud services Emphasis on cloud services
Flexibility Pay only for the support hours you need Fixed contract with predetermined costs
Upgrades Avoids forced upgrades to maintain support May require upgrades to maintain support for certain features

Why Enterprises Choose US Cloud for Microsoft Support


  • Immediate cost savings of 30-50% by switching to US Cloud from Microsoft Unified Support.
  • 20% year-over-year cost avoidance opportunity, per Gartner, due to increasing cloud consumption.

Response Times and Service Levels

  • Faster response times yield increased operational efficiency and more satisfied customers.
  • Faster resolution times yield increased system uptime. Service Level Agreements (SLA) provide accountability.

Personalized and Dedicated Support

  • Dedicated support personnel, who understand your IT environment, enhance your IT team.
  • More technical and experienced account managers help deliver a better support experience.

Flexibility and Tailored Support Plans

  • Customizable support plans can meet specific organizational financial or regulatory needs.
  • Buy only the hours you need and add dedicated engineers for mission-critical technologies.

Technical Expertise and Specializations

  • 300+ technical experts with 15+ years experience, including ex-Microsoft employees.
  • Supporting all enterprise legacy on-premise Microsoft technologies and cloud services.

Proactive Support and Strategic Planning

  • Proactive support prevents critical outages and nagging recurring issues.
  • Strategic planning enables maximum Microsoft ROI and enterprise growth.

US Domestic Support

  • All support data and personnel guaranteed to originate and stay in the US.
  • Federal and regulated industries are assured sovereignty compliance.

Legacy Product Support

  • Extend the life of your legacy Microsoft products and upgrade on your terms.
  • Maximize the ROI on your Microsoft investment with ESUs and US Cloud.
US Cloud vs Microsoft Unified Support Comparisons

Make the Right Choice for Your Organization

Making the right support choice is different for each organization. Factors to consider when choosing between US Cloud and Microsoft Unified Support, include budget, service level requirements, and technical needs. You must assess both providers in the context of your organization’s specific needs.

For many organizations, Microsoft Unified Support is no longer delivering the value and quality that they had grown accustomed to under the former Premier Support moniker. As a result, many are seeking the guidance of Gartner and other IT analysts to find a third-party alternative.

Gartner has several unbiased documents covering the Microsoft Support capabilities of US Cloud and how to better negotiate your Unified Support agreement should you choose to stay with Microsoft. If considering US Cloud, contact them to see which of your industry peers they are already supporting and consider starting a Proof of Concept (PoC) trial to assess their capabilities for yourself.


US Cloud is the clear winner over Microsoft Unified Support
Get Microsoft Support for Less

Unlock Better Support & Bigger Savings

  • Save 30-50% on Microsoft Premier/Unified Support
  • 2x Faster Resolution Time + SLAs
  • All-American Microsoft-Certified Engineers
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support