Enterprise IT Services from US Cloud Includes Enterprise Service Management of Monitoring, Patching and Backup.  Redeploy Your IT Cost Savings Where the Enterprise Needs It Most.

Enterprise IT Services - US Cloud
Microsoft Unified Support Cost Savings - 30-60%

30% – 60%
Savings vs.

US Cloud Premier Support 6 Minute Response Time

6 Minute
Response from

Live Engineer

US Citizen Premier (Unified) Support at US Cloud

All US Citizens

Microsoft Certified Engineers - US Cloud

67,000 Tickets
< 1% Escalated
to Microsoft

Microsoft Certified Partner - US Cloud

Cloud, Dev
c. 1999

Fortune 500 Premier (Unified) Support Customers at US Cloud

Trusted by
Fortune 500


Microsoft Certified Partner - US CloudMicrosoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) - US Cloud

US Cloud is Built to Support Microsoft

US Cloud is a highly-specialized IT shop that has been dedicated to Microsoft products and support for over two decades.  We offer:

  • Ultra-focused, low-overhead operations in the Midwest
  • True experts in the Microsoft stack, with former CIO’s, Microsoft TAM’s, and Microsoft-certified engineers on staff
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft support, platform migrations, managed services, and secure cloud hosting
  • Fixated on higher-quality MSFT support at a lower price
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US Cloud Client Journey

Former Microsoft Premier Support client discusses switching to US Cloud. Learn how the organization redeployed their 38% Premier Support cost savings in year 1 and how US Cloud is helping reduce VMware support costs in year 2. He also answers the following questions:

  • Were you determined to leave Microsoft Premier Support?
  • When did you realize you COULD leave Microsoft?
  • Did your relationship with Microsoft suffer after switching?
  • How has it gone so far with US Cloud support?
  • How fast or responsive has US Cloud been?
  • What about ticket resolution times?
  • What do your engineers think about US Cloud?
  • Any regrets moving to US Cloud for Premier Support?

US Cloud Premier Support Client ListUS Cloud is Trusted World Wide

US Cloud is a trusted, experienced Microsoft Partner with global Fortune 500, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), US Federal, State and local government clients.  Here’s why:

  • 20+ year Microsoft Partner; 15+ year Certified Partner, 5+ Cloud Partner
  • Over 67,000 tickets worked, 5,000+ migrations managed, deep Microsoft experience
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft support, platform migrations, managed services, and secure cloud hosting
  • Supporting Fortune 100s to S&M enterprise on issues that range from routine to mission critical

US Cloud History Timeline

Brief History of US Cloud

In 1996 FrontPages Web Hosting was founded by Rob LaMear.  Since then our brands have supported over 2.1 billion logins across 80 countries.  We now have veteran leadership, zero debt and 20+ years of financial stability behind us.  Milestones include:

  • 1999 – Fpweb.net became the first provider in the World to host SharePoint.
  • 2002 – Fpweb.net surpasses 100 million logins under management. 
  • 2006 – Fpweb.net performs 1,000th client platform migration.
  • 2012 – Fpweb.net expands managed services to include support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Server.
  • 2013 – US Cyber Vault launched to secure client data and protect global brands.
  • 2017 – US Cloud launched, formalizing Microsoft Premier Support services.

Enterprise IT Services – Monitor, Backup, Patch

Most enterprise IT teams do not have visibility into all their network-attached enterprise devices and if you can’t see it, you can’t measure availability.  US Cloud Enterprise Monitoring is an essential part of Enterprise IT Services.  You can’t fix or secure what the enterprise can’t see.

Enterprise Cloud Backup is another foundational block of Enterprise IT Services.  Many enterprises have multiple backup devices and even software vendors operating across several lines of business.  Enterprise Cloud backup from US Cloud is an opportunity to streamline and standardize backup processes at the enterprise while cutting operational costs and RTO/RPO SLAs.

The last essential Enterprise IT Services at US Cloud is Enterprise Patch Management.  As enterprise IT staff continues to shrink, the ability for enterprises to prioritize and automate patching across disparate cloud-based and legacy infrastructure is falling short. Patching only the most critical patches is not good enough to keep your enterprise safe.  Let alone the ability to do so in a timely manner.  US Cloud Enterprise Patch Management automates the patching process across all enterprise cloud and legacy infrastructure.

Enterprise IT Services - Monitoring

Enterprise IT Services – Monitoring

The foundational block of Enterprise IT Services is Enterprise Monitoring from US Cloud.  Many enterprises either don’t have monitoring for key enterprise IT systems because they don’t time or budget.  Or they have “enterprise monitoring sprawl” with many different monitoring systems keeping an eye on key systems or applications.  In case of sprawl, the enterprise monitoring systems aren’t aggregated (single pane of glass view) and enterprise compute/storage resources aren’t used efficiently.  Not to mention the ongoing maintenance issues.

With Enterprise IT Monitoring service from US Cloud, it’s easy to deploy across all your enterprise cloud, legacy infrastructure, and applications.  It’s also easy to change.  Enterprise IT change management is no longer a dangerous and manual process.  Enterprise IT reporting turns from tedious manual process to automated with dashboard real-time views.  And the last benefit of US Cloud Enterprise IT Monitoring service to the enterprise is it can help with data silos. No longer will certain data sets or enterprise infrastructure be isolated on their own island requiring special treatment and care.  You will finally have eyes and ears on all your enterprise IT assets and be able to expand smoothly across the clouds of your enterprise’s choice.  Maximize the benefits of all the monitoring data your enterprise IT is already collecting with Enterprise Monitoring from US Cloud.

Enterprise Managed Services backup

Enterprise IT Services – Cloud Backup

The 2nd foundational block of Enterprise IT Services is Enterprise Cloud Backup from US Cloud. Many organizations are struggling to backup existing enterprise infrastructure let alone extend their enterprise’s backup services securely across multiple clouds.  Enter Enterprise IT Cloud Backup service from US Cloud.  Imagine streamlining all your enterprise backup to a single dashboard across any data center or  cloud your organization chooses.  Maintain existing RTO/RPO SLAs and enterprise security with both encryption at rest and in transit.  Test Disaster Recovery scenarios on your enterprise’s schedule and to the enterprise DR location of your choice.   Get fast, secure and automated Enterprise Cloud Backup from US Cloud today.

Enterprise IT Services - Patch Management

Enterprise IT Services – Patch Management

The last foundation block of Enterprise IT Services is Patch Management from US Cloud.  Enterprise Patch Management is also the most important block since it ties directly to an organizations security posture.  80% of enterprise data breaches are still the result of poor patch management according to The Market Snapshot Report: Secure Operations Automation. Patch management services from US Cloud help close the gaps between enterprise security and operations teams.  The security benefits of Enterprise Patch Management include:

Elimination of patch backlog

Improved audit readiness

Reduced open vulnerabilities

Reduced security breaches from pending patches

Enterprise IT Services Enables Digital Transformation

You cannot help others until you help yourself and this speaks to Enterprise IT as well.  Enterprise IT Services frees up IT to innovate and speed up the digital transformation process.  Failure to evolve or move too slowly puts the enterprise at risk to disruption, losing market share or worse.

The disruptive nature of digital transformation is reshaping industries all around us. Think about the way Airbnb has changed the way we book hotel rooms, how Uber has altered the way that we hail a taxi service, or how Netflix is transforming the way we consume television. All of these disruptive market entrants revolutionized their industries and ultimately provided better products and services for the customer.

At US Cloud, we define Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technologies and enterprise IT services into all areas of an enterprise with the primary goals being to drive fundamental changes in the way the business operates, and to increase the enterprise’s value to customers so that they accelerate business agility and innovation in order to better compete within their respective markets. We also believe that enterprise end users should be able to access their digital workspaces from any device, run any application and connect to any cloud.