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Faster more economical Microsoft Support for healthcare providers and hospitals

In health IT, fixing issues faster matters. Critical outages don’t just mean business shortfalls, they mean degradation to patient care. You and your patients deserve faster Microsoft Support. In addition, healthcare providers and hospitals are reinvesting the 30-50% support savings from US Cloud to reinvest in AI personalization and deliver better patient outcomes.
Ed Lewis
Sometimes we submit tickets that aren’t even incident related, we just have a question that we want to talk through with someone and your team is always there to offer advice and help right away. We, we leverage you guys, not just for when something's on fire. We truly see US Cloud as a partner.
- Ed L
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Kristin Mondi Ed Panzeter
I think our experience with US Cloud has actually been better than Microsoft, because when we are down, we require response as quickly as possible. With US Cloud we get calls back within 15 minutes.
- Ed P
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Jeff Maxfield
We’ve all used Microsoft support before and they’re not the best, right? Sometimes I’ll bring my dog into the office and I’ll tell my dog what’s going on. Just to bounce the ideas off somebody. And the answer comes to you. That’s what talking to Microsoft is like sometimes.
- Jeff M
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See how US Cloud stacks up against Microsoft, offering IT departments 30-50% cost reduction and faster Microsoft Support.

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