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Compare MS Premier (Unified) Support Cost Per Hour to US Cloud’s 30-60% Savings per Hour, according to Analyst Research.  Look at Other Criteria Including Support by US Citizens, Expiring Hours and Response Time.  Download the Price List to See the Cost Per Hour Across all Plans.

Microsoft Premier Support Cost Per Hour Increase

Unified Support Cost Per Hour Increase

Microsoft is moving its Premier Support customers to Unified Support. Microsoft Unified Support will have three plans and unlimited reactive support hours. However, analyst research shows that this change will be a 30-60% cost per hour price increase for most customers.

The Proven Alternative

US Cloud, a managed service provider with 20+ years of experience supporting Microsoft technologies, offers a proven alternative to Microsoft Unified Support that provides 30-60% cost per hour savings, 100% screened US Citizen support team, and hours that never expire.

US Cloud Enterprise IT Services Team

30-60% Cost Savings

According to analyst research, most Microsoft Premier Support customers will see a cost increase of 30-60% in the move to Unified Support. Avoid paying for support services and hours you don’t need.

All US Citizens

100% of our Technical Account Managers and DSE engineers are screened US Citizens. You will never be transferred to an overseas call center (outsourced).

Better Support Experience

Initial Response Time (IRT) in six minutes or less. Don’t waste time explaining your issue over and over. Your support hours never expire. And if we need to escalate the issue to Microsoft for a source code issue, we’ll white glove.

Why US Cloud Premier Support?

Microsoft Premier Support Alternative of The Global 2000
Trusted by 11 of the World's Largest Companies
Save 60% or more
Lower Microsoft Support Costs
Six Minute Avg. Response Time
61,000 Microsoft Premier Support Alternative Tickets
61,000 Tickets,
<1% Escalated
Microsoft Premier Support Alternative is a Microsoft Gold Partner
Enterprise, Cloud & Development
c. 1999
Microsoft Premier Support Alternative has Over 25 Microsoft Certifications
100% US-Citizen Support Teams