Microsoft Premier Support for Developers at US Cloud provides Reactive and Proactive Support as Well as Application Development Managers (ADM). Reactive Developer Support Includes Code Related Break-Fix for All Severities. Proactive Support Includes Validating Architecture, Best Practices Guidance, Code Reviews & Migration Assessments.

Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support Cost Savings - 30-60%
30% – 60%
Savings vs.
US Cloud Premier Support 6 Minute Response Time
15 Minute
Response from

Live Engineer
US Citizen Premier (Unified) Support at US Cloud
All US Citizens
Microsoft Certified Engineer Support - US Cloud
72k Tickets Solved
SLAs for Managed
MSFT Escalations
Microsoft Certified Support - US Cloud
20+ Years
MSFT Product
Fortune 500 Premier (Unified) Enterprise Support at US Cloud
Trusted by
Fortune 500


US Cloud is Built to Support Microsoft

US Cloud is a highly-specialized IT shop that has been dedicated to Microsoft products and support for over two decades.  We offer:

  • Ultra-focused, low-overhead operations in the Midwest
  • True experts in the Microsoft stack, with former CIO’s, Microsoft TAM’s, and Microsoft-certified engineers on staff
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft support, platform migrations, managed services, and secure cloud hosting
  • Fixated on higher-quality MSFT support at a lower price
Video ThumbnailMicrosoft Premier Support Switching to US Cloud - youtube Video

US Cloud Client Journey

Former Microsoft Premier Support client discusses switching to US Cloud. Learn how the organization redeployed their 38% Premier Support cost savings in year 1 and how US Cloud is helping reduce VMware support costs in year 2. He also answers the following questions:

  • Were you determined to leave Microsoft Premier Support?
  • When did you realize you COULD leave Microsoft?
  • Did your relationship with Microsoft suffer after switching?
  • How has it gone so far with US Cloud support?
  • How fast or responsive has US Cloud been?
  • What about ticket resolution times?
  • What do your engineers think about US Cloud?
  • Any regrets moving to US Cloud for Premier Support?

US Cloud Premier Support Client ListUS Cloud is Trusted World Wide

US Cloud is has more than two decades of experience supporting all Microsoft technologies with global Fortune 500, Small and Medium Enterprise, US Federal, State and local government clients.  Here’s why:

  • Extensive experience in Microsoft support, platform migrations, managed services, and secure cloud hosting with over 72,000 tickets worked, 5,000+ migrations managed
  • We have over 25 Microsoft certifications plus Cisco and VMware covering cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments
  • Supporting Fortune 500s to S&M enterprise on issues that range from routine to mission critical

US Cloud History Timeline

Brief History of US Cloud

In 1996 FrontPages Web Hosting was founded by Rob LaMear.  Since then our brands have supported over 2.1 billion logins across 80 countries.  We now have veteran leadership, zero debt and 20+ years of financial stability behind us.  Milestones include:

  • 1999 – became the first provider in the World to host SharePoint.
  • 2002 – surpasses 100 million logins under management. 
  • 2006 – performs 1,000th client platform migration.
  • 2012 – expands managed services to include support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Server.
  • 2013 – US Cyber Vault launched to secure client data and protect global brands.
  • 2017 – US Cloud launched, formalizing Microsoft Premier Support services.

Why You Need Premier Support for Developers

Premier Support for Developers - 30 to 60% Cost Savings with US Cloud

Save 30-60%
vs Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support for Developers, per analyst research

Premier Support for Developers - 5x Faster Response Time at US Cloud

Resolve Issues Quickly
Prioritized problem resolution for you and your Developers most complex issues

Premier Support for Developers - Never Outsourced with US Cloud

US Citizens
Premier Support Developer uses only screened US citizens and is ITAR/DFARS compliant

Premier Support for Developers - Get Microsoft Expertise at US Cloud

Microsoft Expertise
Collaborate with a trusted Application Development Manager who’s invested in advancing your mission

Less Than 1% Tickets Escalated to Microsoft at US Cloud Premier Support for Developers

72,000 Tickets Solved
Written SLAs for Managed Microsoft Escalations when necessary

Get comprehensive support across all platforms with Premier Support for Developers

Comprehensive support for Microsoft/Cisco/VMware cloud, hybrid, and on-premises

30-60% Average Cost Savings

Verified reports from Microsoft clients confirm that a large portion of Premier Support for Developers subscribers should anticipate 50%+ price increases when forced into Unified Support. US Cloud can rescue those endangered IT budgets with its Microsoft Support alternative. With US Cloud, organizations can continue to pay for the support areas they need, not for products not being used. We typically save clients 30-60% or more, while providing superior service, after switching them over to US Cloud Premier Support.

Microsoft Premier Support for Developers - Cost Increase Confirmed by Analysts


Reports from industry analysts, VAR/LAR’s, and client companies all confirm the significant price increases for Microsoft Premier Support under way. As companies are forced to transition into the Unified model in 2018 and 2019, support costs are rising +50% year-over-year (or more) for a large portion of the Premier Support base. Examples of increases even higher are becoming common, with many clients reporting Microsoft Support price inflation of over 60% — and some cases mushrooming to over 100%.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Is your issue critical? US Cloud will respond to your ticket in fifteen minutes or less – 5x faster than Microsoft. Receive prioritized Developer problem resolution for you and your developers most complex issues. Get the fastest prioritized response times for developers with 24×7 elevated break/fix support and access to dedicated support engineers (DSE). Premier Support for Developers offers the top problem resolution services to development teams.

US Citizens

US Cloud Premier Support for Developers uses only screened US citizens and is ITAR/DFARS compliant. You will never be transferred to a call center overseas. Maximize citizen satisfaction with All-American Microsoft technology service delivery. Premier Support for Developers includes service delivery from 100% screened US citizen dedicated system engineers (DSE) and Application Development Managers (ADM). US Cloud Premier Support service delivery assures your organization is meeting U.S. compliance and security standards.

US Cloud Premier Support Deliverd from Heartland USA

US Cloud Premier Support for Developers is Never Outsourced

Microsoft Expertise

US Cloud has more than two decades of experience supporting development teams and all Microsoft technologies.  We have over 25 Microsoft certifications plus Cisco and VMware covering cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments.  Leverage US Cloud Microsoft expertise to optimize your software offerings with software consults, roadmaps, or risk assessments.

72,000 Tickets Solved

US Cloud Premier Support for Developers has resolved more than 72,000 for clients. US Cloud also offers written SLAs for managed Microsoft escalations if necessary. As part of any escalation process to Microsoft, US Cloud white-gloves the entire process so you can continue to drive your technology projects forward and get the most out of your Microsoft investments.

Priority Support

Development teams need not worry about wasting time explaining your issue from the beginning several times as you are transferred or escalated.  Reduce frustration and time to resolution (TTR) with expert Microsoft certified developers.  All Premier Support Developers are screened US citizens who will quickly resolve issues for you and your developers most complex issues.


Get comprehensive Developer support across all your technology platforms including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Amazon AWS. Leverage US Cloud Microsoft expertise for Dev guidance, implementation and training in fast-growing solutions areas. US Cloud Premier Support for Developers helps you identify risks, prevent issues, and improve migration readiness for you and your organization.

US Cloud Premier Support for Developers Covers All Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Amazon AWS

Next step - Microsoft Premier Support for Developers at US Cloud

Take the Next Step for Microsoft Premier Support for Developers at US Cloud

US Cloud is the proven leader in providing reputable Microsoft enterprise support services to clients world-wide.  We enable Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support customers to enjoy ultra-responsive support from US citizens, save 30-60% on support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.