Financial Services Case Studies Showcase.

Faster more economical Microsoft Support for financial services and banks

We’ve worked with many Fortune 500 financial services organizations, multinational banks, and global insurance companies who have replaced Microsoft Premier or MS Unified Support with US Cloud, but these are a few in which our impact was felt the most.

Financial Services/Banking Case Study #2 - US Cloud Microsoft Support Services
Case Study: Large European Bank

A very large commercial bank in Western Europe was reeling from rapid growth of IT support costs. Although skeptical that a US-based firm could serve their needs, they found that quality Microsoft support during their primary business hours was both available and affordable. The primary procurement leader has actually become one of US Cloud’s biggest advocates.

I honestly didn’t think US Cloud could resolve issues for us during our regular business hours because of the time zone difference, but we needed the savings. We were pleasantly surprised at their responsiveness and have not looked back.
Jan S.
Chief Technology Officer
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Case Study: Ultra Large US Bank

One of the largest (top-five) US banks was shocked by a 150%+ price increase when Microsoft pushed a shift to Unified. Azure adoption was driving the Unified Support pricing formula and their roadmap called for more of the same. After two years of talking with US Cloud, the bank finally made the switch in 2020.

US Cloud was great to work with throughout the sales process. They provided invaluable information to help counter misinformation being fed to our senior IT leaders by Microsoft that could have blown our cost-saving opportunity.
David C.
Vice President of Strategic Sourcing
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Case Study: Large Multi-National Investment Bank

Facing deep IT staffing cuts to offset unexpected Microsoft Support cost increases, a large investment firm in the Northeast made the switch to US Cloud. The IT staff had resigned itself to the painfully slow response times they experienced with Microsoft.

This ticket wasn’t a major emergency, but it was a very annoying and visible issue for many users. US Cloud was able to come in and close the ticket the same day after Microsoft had done nothing on it for a month.
William B.
Information Technology Manager
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Case Study: Bottomline Technologies

We had a minute to sit down with Bob Love of Bottomline Technologies recently to discuss his perspective on managing IT service, the decision to move over from Microsoft Support, and his experience thus far with US Cloud.

And within an hour, within an hour, US Cloud responded with, I wanna say, 4 engineers. So not only did they bring the right guys to the call, but they brought the cavalry. And it was great because we needed that diversity because it was unique problem... And I just felt like, wow, that was amazing. That was unlike anything I had experienced with Microsoft in my eight years of being with premiere, so I was like…we made the right choice.
Bob Love
Director of Information Technologies
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