Microsoft Premier Support Cost


Microsoft Premier Support cost is $300 per hour and $25,000 minimum per year. Compare Premier Account Management and Engineering Pricing to MS Unified plans and 50% cost savings alternative US Cloud.

Microsoft Premier Support Cost

Compare Premier Support Costs

Compare Premier cost to Unified plans and the only Gartner-recognized alternative US Cloud.
Pro Tip – Plan to Transition: the official sunset date for Microsoft Premier Support is 7/1/2022.

Microsoft Premier
US Cloud Premier
Unified Support
Core Plan
Unified Support
Advanced Plan
Unified Support
Performance Plan
per hour
per hour
8% of annual
software spend
10% of annual
software spend
12% of annual
software spend
$25,000 $20,000 $25,000 $50,000 $175,000
1 hr critical,
2 hr standard
15 min critical,
15 min standard
1 hr critical,
8 hr standard
1 hr critical,
4 hr standard
30 min critical,
4 hr standard
Time to
28 days 17 days 51 days 46 days 43 days
$325 / hr $275 / hr NA $350 / hr $350 / hr
Account Mgt TAM TAM NA Service Delivery Mgr CSAM

Table data sources: Microsoft Q4 FY2021 Cost for Unified and Premier Support, US Cloud Premier Support Pricing Q3 2022

Cost-effective Alternative to Microsoft Premier Support

The Most Cost-Effective Alternative to Premier Support

Gartner confirms that inquiries for third-party Microsoft support have increased by 50% over the past 12 months. US Cloud remains the only Gartner-recognized alternative to Microsoft Premier (Unified) Support for 24/7 global support. 

Cost savings is the key driver – Gartner reports enterprises transitioning from MSFT are able to cut support costs 40% to 55% in year one (1) with US Cloud Premier Support.

Cost Benefits of Premier Support at US Cloud

Microsoft contract
1st year “quick win” average savings of 45% and 5-year total average savings of 265% frees up funds for enterprise investment in innovation.

Proactive Support
Prevent costly downtime with regular maintenance and assessments before and after major migrations.

Expert Problem Resolution
Rapid ticket resolution and worry-free managed Microsoft escalation keep your team focused on strategic IT initiatives.

Service Level Agreements
Financially backed SLAs for response time and escalation assure performance results and operational efficiency.

Cost Benefits of Microsoft Premier Support

Microsoft Premier “Support Sovereignty” Cost

Microsoft and many of its Certified Partners and Resellers outsource their support overseas to increase margins.  Unfortunately, this practice has a long history of industrial espionage, and IP theft to enterprises.

US Cloud support sovereignty guarantees that only rigorously screened US citizens work support tickets and that all Premier Support databases reside in the US.  If data sovereignty is important to your organization for security or compliance, support sovereignty goes hand in hand with it.

Microsoft Premier Support Sovereignty Cost