Microsoft Unified Support by Country.


Microsoft Unified Support Services is a comprehensive Microsoft enterprise support set of services that helps accelerate your journey to the cloud, optimize your IT solutions, and use technology to realize new business opportunities for any stage of the IT lifecycle. Find your country to get started.

Microsoft Unified Support by Country

Microsoft Unified Support by Country

Microsoft Unified Support by Country provides your enterprise with:

• Proactive services help improve health of your IT infrastructure and operations

• Service Delivery Management to facilitate planning and implementation

• Prioritized 24×7 problem resolution services to provide rapid response to minimize downtime

How buy Microsoft Unified Support by country

How to Purchase Unified Support by Country

Support services are available as a Base Package, with additional services, and enhanced services and solutions available to purchase under an existing Base Package agreement listed in the Enterprise Services Work Order as:

Base Package
A combination of proactive, reactive and delivery management services that support Microsoft products and/or Online Services in use within your organization. Part of your Base Package includes a Flex Allowance* to use to add proactive services (marked with “+”), enhanced services and solutions services and/or Custom Proactive services to your Base Package.

Enhanced Services and Solutions
Support services, which cover a specific Microsoft product or customer IT system, are available to add to your support Base Package during the term of your Work Order and are also represented with a “+” throughout this section.

Flex Allowance
Flex Allowance is a flexible portion of your base package list price that may be applied towards the purchase of Proactive services, enhanced services and solutions, Proactive credits or Custom Proactive Services at the time of the services purchase. Your Microsoft representative will provide the portion of your Base Package list price available for use as Flex Allowance.

• Up to 20% of your Flex Allowance may be applied to the purchase of Proactive Credits or Custom Proactive services.

• Flex Allowance may not be used for Service Delivery Management services, as defined herein.

• Any enhanced services and solutions purchased with Flex Allowance are forfeited if not utilized during the Term of the applicable Work Order.

• All available Flex Allowance must be allocated by time of contract execution or it will be forfeited.

Multi-country MS Unified Support

Multi-country Support provides support to you in multiple Support Locations, as described in your Work Order (or Work Orders).

In conjunction with Microsoft Unified Support services, Multi-country Support provides support to you in multiple Support Locations, as described in your Work Order (or Work Orders). The description of the Multi-country Support structure follows: 

This is the Support Location where you have contracted for Microsoft Unified Support in your Work Order. Unless otherwise noted, this will be the primary location of your designated customer success account manager. 

This is a Support Location designated in your Work Order where you are to receive Microsoft Unified Support services, other than the Host location, and are entitled to the services you purchase for that location. 

Business hours are generally defined as 09:00 to 17:30 Local Standard Time, excluding holidays and weekends. Business hours may differ slightly in your country. 

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